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What are the characteristics of window sticking machine?


1. Window sticker structure editing

A. Flat belt pumping mechanism, can continue paper without stopping; leveling mechanism, accurate positioning.
B. The gluing method of the runner ensures uniform gluing and can effectively control the amount of glue.
C. The horizontal knife cuts the film, which is stable and reliable.
D. The well-designed fine adjustment device is easy to adjust.

2. Technical parameter editing
Working speed: 3000-6000pcs/h
Applicable paper specifications: 300×200-700×630mm
Adapt to paper gram: 200-1000g/㎡
Film thickness: 0.03-0.3mm
Host power: 2.2kw
Air pump power: 0.55kw
Total weight: 1200kw
Dimensions: 3750×1100×1700mm

3. Safe operation points edit
A. Before starting the machine, check whether the handles, buttons, and safety shields are in the predetermined positions. Note that other people around the machine should be in a safe position;
B. When the machine is running, it is not allowed to touch the running paper products, cutting objects, etc. Only after the machine is shut down can the machine be cleaned or the channel blockages be removed;
C. After the machine debugging is completed, check that all tools or other objects have been removed from the machine, and then jog the machine slowly for a week to avoid accidents;
D. All safety devices must be kept intact and effective, and the faulty parts should be repaired or replaced in time;
E. If the machine suddenly stops for some reason, the window sticker presses the "emergency stop" button to lock itself. Check the cause, and restart the machine after the fault is removed.
F. Before restarting the machine, carefully check the machine moving parts (rollers, shafts), remove waste paper, debris, etc. from these parts, and confirm the reliability of its fixed position. Note that other people around the machine should be in a safe location. Operation by unauthorized personnel is strictly prohibited.

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