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About the automatic high-speed window sticking machine belt, the introduction and use of the paper box conveyor belt!

Product introduction of window sticking machine belt: thickness can be 4mm-15mm, commonly used thickness is 6mm and 8mm. It is vulcanized by a mature mold integrated molding process, seamless and without interfaces. It uses neoprene imported from Thailand as the main raw material, and is equipped with a high-strength nylon core as a strong layer, and the tensile strength is increased by 35%! The bottom belt is protected by wear-resistant nylon cloth, non-slip and wear-resistant! Ensure that the process of use does not delaminate or break, does not contain recycled rubber, and the quality is more guaranteed! It has the advantages of wear-resistance, no slip, no powder, strong friction, flexibility and wear resistance, and longer life! Ordinary red glue, green glue, imported beef tendon glue, etc. can be added to the surface, and PJ and PH slots can be opened as required to increase the friction of product transportation, accurately convey the product into the machine, and run at high speed!

Window-tapping machine belt product use: widely used in various paper box, toy box, clothing packaging box, food packaging box, cosmetic box and other carton automatic window sticking equipment, for various window gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, The film of the tissue box and the corrugated carton of the window! Through the paper feeding mechanism-the window sticking machine belt, the paper is automatically and accurately fed without overlap. The paper enters the conveying device and is sent to the gluing device. The glue is applied to the window of the paper product correctly by turning the roller! You can see the style and color of the product without opening the carton, complete the printing and filming work at once, and speed up the production!
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