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What are the effects of the automatic method of automatic window sticking machine?


Fully automatic window sticking machine, line-cutting window sticking machine and dual-purpose window sticking machine for special-shaped carton. Window sticking adopts automatic method, which effectively reduces the machine's workpiece stroke, makes the machine work stably at high speed, and the product quality is good , High rate, easy debugging, strong adaptability, especially suitable for all kinds of high-precision carton 90 degree window sticking machine ideal equipment. The automatic window sticking machine is mainly used for window carton film sticking, and partially gluing film on unfolded paper, such as corrugated milk carton, cardboard underwear box, toys, home textile, cosmetic carton.

With the use of automatic window sticking machines, the market will expand from time to time. In comparison, the sales market of semi-active flat die-cutting and creasing machines will further decline. In addition to the reasons of low productivity and high rest intensity of operators, the safety is poor, and the accidents of industrial injury and chaos are prone to occur. Important reason. However, because the scope of my country's printing and packaging industry is very different, there will be a certain market for this kind of equipment, and it will still carry forward the influence. The machine automatically draws paper, positions, glues, cuts the film (film), bonding, high speed, no overflow glue, and the film (film) has no scratches. The mechanical structure design is reasonable, the adjustment is very convenient and flexible, and the length of the film (film), front, back, left and right positions can be adjusted without stopping the machine. This machine is controlled by programmable controller PLC computer, with high precision, maintenance-free, and abnormal protection of machine operation.

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