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Safety Operation Guide For Window Sticking Machine


window sticking machine

Safety operation guide for window sticking machine

Operate the window sticking machine, while improving production efficiency, we must pay more attention to the importance of safe production to avoid dangerous situations such as electric shock.
Specific attention should be paid to the following points:

1. Be sure to ground the power of the window sticker.

2. Do not replace the electrical components of the window patcher while power is on, otherwise danger will occur.

3. Please do not use wet hands to operate the switches, buttons and knobs of the window sticking machine to prevent electric shock.

4. When power is on or running, please don't open the door of electrical box, the cover and the shell of each electrical component.

5. For cables and wires, please do not damage it, apply excessive stress to it, make it bear heavy objects or clamp it.

6. Do not close the main power switch to operate the window sticking machine when the door of the electrical box is open, otherwise it may contact the high voltage terminal and cause electric shock. Even if the power supply is disconnected, please do not open the door of the electrical box casually except for inspection and regular maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to keep all debris in the electrical box and keep it clean.

7. The inspection and regular maintenance work of window sticking machine should be carried out by professional technicians. For inspection or regular maintenance, please disconnect the power supply. After 10 minutes, use a multimeter to detect that the remaining voltage disappears. Otherwise it may cause electric shock.
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