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Window Sticking Machine Industry Introduction


window sticking machine

The automatic window sticking machine is to automatically print the glue on the die-cut window box and paste the plastic film on the opening. The carton can be cardboard or corrugated. Carton boxes with windows are widely used in tissue boxes, toy boxes, clothing packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. You can see the style and color of the product without opening the carton after the carton decorated with the window. This window sticking machine completes the printing of glue and film at a time to speed up the production.

The automatic window sticking machine is mainly used for window carton film sticking. It consists of film sticking, paper pulling, gluing, film cutting, bonding, feeding, and discharging to form a variety of window gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, open The foil of window corrugated paper box, the following introduces the three advantages of window paste machine in detail.

1. Flat belt pumping mechanism, which can continue paper feeding without stopping, with accurate positioning.
2. The glue application method of the runner of the window sticking machine ensures even glue application and can effectively control the amount of glue.
3. The horizontal knife cuts the film, which is stable and reliable.
4. The well-designed fine adjustment device is easy to adjust.
5. Window sticking machine is of great significance for accelerating the development of social productivity, improving the production technology of the enterprise, and reducing the manual labor of the workers, which greatly saves the labor cost and improves the production efficiency for the factory.

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