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Note On The Use Of Window Patching Machine

1. Prevent electric shock
When powering on or running, please do not open the door of the electrical box, the enclosure and the enclosure of the electrical components, otherwise electric shock may occur.
Do not turn on the main power switch to run the machine when the electrical box door is open, otherwise you may touch the high-voltage terminals and cause electric shock. Even if the power is off, except for inspection and regular maintenance, please do not open the door of the electrical box casually. It is strictly forbidden to put all sundries in the electrical box and keep it clean.
Overhaul and regular maintenance work should be carried out by professional and technical personnel. For overhaul or regular maintenance, please disconnect the power supply, after 10 minutes, use a multimeter to detect the residual voltage disappeared. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock.
The power supply must be grounded.

For the cable and wire of the window patching machine, please don't damage it, put excessive stress on it, make it carry heavy objects or clamp it. Otherwise it may cause electric shock.
Do not operate switches, buttons and knobs with wet hands to prevent electric shock.
Do not replace electrical components while the power is on, otherwise it will be dangerous.

2. Prevent fire
Keep flammable objects away from the electric control box and electrical components. Otherwise, it may cause a fire.
Please do not connect electrical components arbitrarily. If a short circuit occurs, it may cause a fire.

3. Prevent damage
The power supply and power cable specifications can only be the specifications specified in the instruction manual to prevent bursting, damage, etc. Make sure that the power cable is connected to the correct terminal. For the cable and wire, please do not damage it. Applying excessive stress to it, causing it to carry heavy objects or clamping it will cause damage, electric shock and other accidents.
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