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Yonghua High Speed ​​Carton Window Film Sticking Machine leads the new trend of packaging


In recent years, our country has made continuous efforts in independent research and development to build manufacturing equipment with Chinese technology. Anqing Yonghua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of them. With rich design and manufacturing experience, we produce High Speed Carton Window Film Sticking Machine, ordinary wire-aligning window patching machines, and full-automatic wire patching window patching machines.
What are the advantages of Anqing Yonghua Machinery's automatic high-speed window patching machine?

(1) Improve the safety of the production process;

(2) Improve production efficiency;

(3) Improve product quality;

(4) Reduce the loss of raw materials and energy in the production process.

Yonghua Machinery's automatic high-speed window sticking machine is a die-cut window carton, automatically printing glue on the opening, and automatically sticking a plastic film. The carton can be cardboard or corrugated paper. Window-attached paper boxes are widely used in tissue boxes, toy boxes, clothing packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. After the window-mounted paper box, you can see the product style and color without opening the paper box. This model can print glue and film at one time, speeding up production.
Anqing Yonghua Packaging Machinery

The following is a detailed introduction to the characteristics of Yonghua Machinery's automatic high-speed window patching machine.

1. The machine uses an encoder to collect data and integrates parameters according to the data to parameterize the entire machine.

2. The paper feeding section adopts a servo motor, which can start and stop timely and accurately.

3. Align the paper feeding section, only need to adjust the parameters on the touch screen.

4. The paper is pushed by the chain hook, and the paper is blocked by the left and right plates, and the paper position is accurate.

5. The printing area and the filming area can easily adjust the front and back, left and right positions when the machine is turned on.

6. Electric eye control, effectively processing empty sheets and continuous sheets of paper.

7. The film feeding adopts servo motor, and the film feeding length is accurate.

8. To adjust the length of the film, you only need to change the data on the touch screen. High Speed Carton Window Film Sticking Machine is your good choice.

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