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Features of Window Patching Machine Gluing Line


The Window Patching Machine Gluing Line includes a bracket, a glue roller and a glue roller. The glue roller is arranged under the glue roller, and a scraper is arranged on the outer side of the glue roller. It is characterized in that: the bracket is fixed by a fixed bracket. A swing support and a second swing support, the glue roller is mounted on the first swing support, the first swing support is swing set on the fixed support, the glue roller and the scraper are mounted on the second swing support, The second swing bracket is swingingly arranged on the sliding table, and the sliding table is slidably connected to the first swing bracket through the sliding rail assembly. The sliding direction of the sliding table is the axis direction of the glue roller or the glue roller. The advantage of this utility model is that it is convenient Cleaning, at the same time, the glue roller and the glue roller can be easily controlled to lift during the working process, so as to better and faster adapt to abnormal working conditions.Window Patching Machine Gluing Line is your good choice.

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