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Introduction to the function of Window Patching Machine Gluing Line


Multi-window automatic window sticking machine is a multi-window window sticking machine developed by our company for market needs. In addition to all the functions of ordinary window sticking, this machine is also suitable for window sticking with multiple windows on one product. The machine is suitable for window filming on all packaging boxes with single-sided windows such as mobile phone boxes, wine boxes, napkin cartons, clothing boxes, milk boxes, greeting cards, etc., and partial mounting of various cardboard surfaces (reinforced paper), when attaching reinforced paper It can be punched on the surface of the reinforced paper, and it will correspond to the handle hole on the cardboard after being laminated. In addition, it also has a film for packaging boxes with windows on two or three sides. The film can be indented, notched, and punched. Window Patching Machine Gluing Line is your good choice.

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