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Suitable for all types of carton, paper box window sticking machine—Anqing Yonghua Machinery


With the continuous development of the market economy, the types of products have increased, and window sticking machines have been promoted as demand changes. Production technology and production processes are also constantly upgraded, and strive to make the window patching machine function and quality of the highest level of progress, in order to well meet the business needs of some different manufacturers, so the market will develop the window patching machine in the future Development is very good, and packaging is the most awe-inspiring for companies that produce services.
The automatic window patching machine uses new technology to allow more consumers to experience this new service, making the market more terrible and smooth, coupled with the cost of product costs and changes in demand, combined with modern science and technology to continue to promote the implementation, so that More enterprise entry creates unlimited market opportunities.
Window pasting machine is also called frame window machine, which is mainly used for various window gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, corrugated boxes and foil windows! 

Usually involved in the process of film, paper, plastic film, cutting, and bonding.
Window patching machine is a kind of production machinery and equipment in the domestic market. It has decades of development prospects. The use of window patching machines has increased the production operation power. It is mainly used in the packaging product industry. Mechanized production has gradually replaced manual production operations. To a large extent, the quality of the operation products and the consistency of the products have been improved. The use of window patching machine plays a great advantage in production.
The structure of the window patching machine is also relatively simple, mainly including 4 aspects:
1. Flat-belt paper-drawing mechanism, which can feed paper without stopping the machine; the leveling mechanism, accurate positioning.
2. The gluing method of the runner ensures uniform gluing and can effectively control the amount of glue.
3. Cross-cut film, stable and reliable.
4. The well-designed fine-tuning device is easy to adjust.
Anqing Yonghua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a history of more than ten years of post-press packaging equipment production. It mainly produces high-speed automatic window patching machines, ordinary line window patching machines, and automatic line patching window patching machines. It is suitable for all types of cartons that require high precision windows. The company's product quality and after-sales service have been unanimously recognized by the industry, and the products are well-known in the printing and packaging industry in China. Whole network search: Anqing Yonghua Machinery 

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