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How to choose a reliable window patching machine?


Recommend Anqing Yonghua automatic window patching machine brand
Automatic aligning window sticking machine, automatic high-speed window sticking machine, corrugated window sticking machine and other models are special post-press equipment for window-opening color box and color box sticking film. It is currently the most advanced model of domestic window sticking machine.
So as a printing manufacturer, how to choose a reliable window sticking machine? 

To better realize the color box window application, you must first choose an easy-to-operate window mounting device—YH650 automatic wire-aligning window sticker machine. This equipment is specially designed for color boxes and color boxes by Anqing Yonghua Machinery. Window-opening and film-sticking equipment is currently the most advanced model among domestic window-sticking machines.

Anqing Yonghua Machinery’s YH650 automatic aligning window pasting machine can efficiently complete the color box pasting window. It adopts the non-stop paper feeding method to separate the paper piles individually. After pushing the fixed position, the flexible plate module printing glue, stable and accurate film After the slice is cut and cut by a horizontal knife, the function of filming windows such as tissue boxes, gift boxes, toy boxes, shirt boxes, milk boxes, etc. is realized.

It has the characteristics of high efficiency, high precision, high stability and easy operation.
Machine Features
1. The machine uses an encoder to collect data and parameterize the machine.
2. The paper feeding department adopts servo motor, which makes the start and stop more stable, timely and accurate.
3. Align the paper feeding section, only need to adjust the parameters on the touch screen.
4. Push the rule to push the paper, and the left and right leaning board to block the paper to ensure the accurate position of the paper.
5. The glue printing department can easily adjust the front and back and left and right positions when the machine is turned on.
6. The position of pressing line and cutting angle can be adjusted separately, which is more convenient.
7. Electric eye tracking control, effectively processing empty sheets and continuous sheets of paper.
8. Servo motor is used for film feeding. The film feeding length is accurate and can be adjusted on the touch screen.
Today, Anqing Yonghua Machinery has more than ten years of hard work and accumulation in the field of color box window stickers, which will inevitably bring a new experience to the printing and packaging industry and draw a new future for the digital development of the industry. In pre-sales service, Anqing Yonghua Machinery can efficiently and flexibly create customized service solutions for customers, aiming to help customers improve market competitiveness with high value-added value-added solutions. Whole network search: Anqing Yonghua Machinery

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