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Fully automatic corrugated line-cutting corner window pasting machine, intelligent color box window pasting machine


Anqing Yonghua Machinery Company is committed to building a smart and green packaging post-printing processing equipment enterprise oriented by sophisticated post-printing packaging services. The company's main products are window-attaching equipment in the fields of fine boxes, color boxes, color cards, handbags and various paper products, which automates the production process, digitizes the window-attaching process, and has a network of marketing. It has strong technical force and great development potential. Anqing Yonghua Machinery Factory has not only considerable benefits, but also remarkable achievements in post-press processing in recent years.

After continuous development, Anqing Yonghua, which has served the packaging and printing market for more than ten years, has a complete and advanced production system. Anqing Yonghua Machinery Co., Ltd. has successively produced automatic high-speed window sticking machines and automatic corrugated line-to-line window sticking machines. , Fully automatic crimping and cutting corner window pasting machine, fully automatic aligning and cutting corner window pasting machine, flat pasting window pasting machine, ordinary window pasting machine and other advanced equipment, is one of the most large-scale and well-equipped packaging and post-printing enterprises.

The automatic corrugated crimping and corner trimming machine YH650 produced by Anqing Yonghua Machinery specializes in the needs of corrugated box crimping and corner trimming. The fastest speed of this machine can be up to 8000 sheets per hour for lined color boxes, and it can be used as ordinary color boxes. Up to 18,000 sheets/hour. The window pasting has high precision and fast speed, which can smoothly enter the subsequent process and save manpower.

This machine has realized a new upgrade of intelligence and automation, and adopts multi-servo transmission, which greatly improves the precision of window paste and production efficiency. The application of intelligent paper delivery mechanism and intelligent paper feeding mechanism increases the production capacity of users and reduces labor intensity. The automatic corrugated line-to-line window sticking machine YH650 is suitable for pvc and pet window films, especially for high-end wines, cosmetics, food and medicines and delicate packaging boxes.

The company's products are leading the domestic industry with its excellent performance, reliable quality, good reputation and high-quality service. Anqing Yonghua Machinery Company is well-known for its reliable quality, stable performance, diverse varieties and complete specifications in paper packaging, post-press processing, special printing and other industries.

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