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What is the function of Anqing Yonghua's automatic crimping and cutting corner window sticking machine?


Window-opening carton ( packaging is one of the packaging methods often used in daily production and life. The size of the window is slightly different due to product differences. It can be packaged Commodities make commodities more attractive. They can learn the whole picture through the part, and effectively protect the commodities from external damage, which helps to ensure the integrity of the commodities.

The so-called "windowing" is the use of die-cutting indentation to roll out the void at the pre-designed position of the carton. When processing, the edge of the window should be smooth and clean, and the knife interface should be arranged in a reasonable manner. The position of the knife edge should not affect the effect of opening the window. Consider the strength of the carton after opening the window and the convenience of cleaning during processing. The opening and folding lines or box edges should be left enough distance.

The birth process of a carton requires so many process steps, and each step requires corresponding printing machinery and equipment. Take the most widely used window patching machine ( as an example. It is through continuous improvement and R&D to update and update to further improve work efficiency. It has realized mechanization, does not need to stop and wait, and the efficiency is greatly improved. At present, Anqing Yonghua's automatic crimping and cutting corner window pasting machine has reached the speed of 36,000 sheets per hour.

What is the function of Anqing Yonghua's automatic crimping and cutting corner window sticking machine?

1. The window opening design on the packaging box is to set a small window on the packaging layout and close it with transparent packaging materials (usually PVC) to expose the best part of the product.
2. Let the product see its part and know its full picture, and view its part to know the whole picture. The window can be large or small, which can arouse the curiosity of consumers. The beauty of the product invisibly increases the quantity of the product in the consumer's psychology. .
3. The design of the window takes into account printing issues and environmental issues, and on the basis of consumables saving, it reflects the brand's temperament and conforms to the aesthetic concept of modern people.
4. The design of window packaging can form a visual impact from the combination of color and style, so that the goods on the shelf are no longer ordinary.
Anqing Yonghua Machinery's automatic crimping and cutting corner window pasting machine ( to meet the requirements of multi-function, high reliability, easy operation and low cost, and increase the flexibility of the equipment Sexuality and adaptability. There are many types of printing machinery, but Anqing Yonghua has only focused on the production of window patching machines for more than ten years. "We just want to be the best!"
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