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With the improvement of living standards, people's requirements for packaging design are not only limited to functions, but also increasingly picky in terms of packaging color, structure, and materials.

Function always occupies the primary position in packaging design. No matter what kind of shape you design, you must follow the principle of simplicity. Designers should not blindly pursue new materials and shapes, thus forgetting the basic requirements for packaging safety, reliability, and convenience. Just like a packaging form we often see in the market-window-opening carton, it is more used for cosmetics, food and so on. There are three forms of window-opening cartons: partial windowing, transparent lid, and multi-faceted. Usually used with transparencies. Displaying products in the window position makes it convenient for consumers to purchase, which not only increases the aesthetics of the packaging, but also gives consumers a psychologically solid feeling when shopping.

And what kind of machinery and equipment are needed to manufacture this window-opening carton? The following editor will introduce to you a company that specializes in color box window pasting machinery and equipment—Anqing Yonghua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an international company that provides post-press packaging equipment for printing and packaging companies. The company designs and produces color boxes. Window sticking machine series: high-speed automatic window sticking machine, ordinary thread sticking machine, automatic thread sticking machine. And has a number of technical patents.

YH1080 automatic window sticking machine is the most popular model, and the production speed can reach 18000-20000 sheets/hour. The adjustment of the machine is simple, and the front, back, left and right positions of the glue and the front, back, left and right positions of the film can be adjusted without stopping the machine. Both paper feeding and film feeding are driven by servo motors, which are accurate and reliable. The intelligent paper and film feeding methods, and the humanized design of the visual man-machine interface make the production and operation of the equipment easier. It is used in the fields of digital product packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, toy packaging, etc.

The main feature of the automatic high-speed window sticking machine YH1080 is that it can continuously adjust the position of the front and back of the paper, the position of the glue, the left and right positions of the film during the production process, and the adjustment of the three positions is very convenient and fast. It is very convenient and quick to change the product. Time is very convenient and fast. At the same time, Anqing Yonghua Machinery also provides high-quality services and automatic window-sticking equipment for color boxes for many printing companies, which are deeply loved by customers and received unanimous praise.
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