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How to feed and adjust the paper feeding and adjustment of the automatic window sticking machine—Anqing Yonghua Machinery


With the use of automatic window sticking machines, the market will continue to expand. In comparison, the sales market of semi-active flat die cutting machines will further decline. In addition to the low production efficiency and high intensity of employees' rest, the safety is poor, and accidents such as work injuries and disputes are prone to occur. The major reason is that due to the different scope of my country's printing and packaging industry, this type of equipment will have a certain market, and its influence will continue.

Anqing Yonghua mechanical window sticking machine has a complete range: automatic window sticking machine, line cutting angle machine, special-shaped carton window sticking machine. The automatic window application method effectively reduces the workpiece stroke of the machine, makes the machine run smoothly at high speed, has good product quality, high efficiency, convenient debugging, and strong adaptability. It is especially suitable for all kinds of high-precision carton 90-degree window-sticking machines. The utility model of this machine is mainly used for pasting film on window cartons, and can also be used for pasting films on parts of unfolded paper, such as corrugated milk cartons, cardboard underwear boxes, toys, home textiles, cosmetic cartons, etc.

The automatic window sticking machine can automatically pull paper, position, glue, film (film), high-speed bonding, no glue overflow, and film (film) without scratches. The machine structure design is reasonable, the adjustment is very convenient and flexible, and the film (film) length and front and rear positions can be adjusted without stopping the machine. PLC is a programmable controller with high accuracy, maintenance-free, and protection against abnormal machine operation.

So how to feed and adjust the paper feeding and adjustment of Anqing Yonghua Machinery's automatic window sticking machine?

1. Paper feeding

After finishing the paper products that need to be filmed after die-cutting and pressing, use the paper feed belt to stack them on the paper feed table obliquely, and the paper feed belt will pull out the lower paper products from the paper stack during the turning process. With the rotation of the paper feeding belt, the paper product enters the paper feeding device after passing between the paper feeding belt and the pressure roller.

2. Paper transportation

After the paper feeding device enters the conveying device through the paper feeding belt, the paper product is transported forward by the rear end of the paper product by the paper pusher on the chain, and is sent to the gluing device along the adjusted upper and lower guide rails and the guide devices of the left and right guide rails. Vacuum conveyor belt. Due to the different paper product specifications after processing, the position of the window is different, and the paper feeding position needs to be adjusted.

3. Adjustment of paper conveying position

The utility model uses the push paper stop gauges on two conveying chains to push paper products at the same time, or when the two push paper stop gauges need to be in sequence, the screws on the sprocket can be loosened, and the chain is in the empty sleeve when the chain is pulled by hand. Push the paper stop gauge on the sprocket, use your hand to push the paper stop gauge on the sprocket on the chain.

4. Adjust the paper feed position

Select the position of the paper feeding belt, loosen the tension wheel on the paper feeding belt, move the paper feeding belt to the desired position and fix it. Loosen the star handle on the roller frame, move the pressure roller to the frame, align the conveying roller with the pressure roller, and then tighten the star handle.

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