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What are the technical requirements for automatic window sticking machines? Anqing Yonghua Machinery

Color boxes are generally made up of several colors. The post-printing process of color boxes makes the overall appearance and color of the product outstanding, giving consumers a strong visual sense. It is obtained in clothing, cosmetics, food and other industries and product packaging supporting industries. It has a wide range of applications.

Post-press craftsmanship is an important technical link in packaging and printing crafts. In recent years, the development and innovation of post-press craftsmanship has received more and more attention.

The current post-press processing equipment is not only continuously improving in speed, but also more concise and user-friendly in the adjustment of the automatic window patching machine, and it is more convenient to change orders. There is a short version of movable type! This is a problem faced by printing companies all over the world. High-efficiency post-press processing equipment can not only cope with large orders, but also can calmly cope with multiple batches of short-run business to meet the changing production needs of printing companies.

What are the technical requirements for automatic window sticking machines?

In addition to the characteristics of colorlessness, strong gloss, fast drying, and chemical resistance, the varnish must also have the following properties:

The film is transparent and does not change color. The pictures and texts are dry and do not change color. And it will not change color or turn yellow due to the sun and rain or for a long time.

The film has a certain degree of wear resistance.

There is a certain degree of flexibility. In printed matter, the bright film formed by any kind of varnish on the surface of the printed matter must maintain good elasticity to adapt to the flexibility of paper or cardboard without damage, cracking, or falling off.

The membrane has good environmental resistance. When in contact with chemical substances in the same environment, such as weak acids or weak bases, their performance must not be changed.

There is a certain degree of adhesion on the surface of the printed product. Due to the influence of the integral density value of the surface image and text layer, the surface stickiness of the printed product is greatly reduced. In order to prevent the film from drying out and peeling during use after drying, the film is required to have strong adhesion, and the ink and adjustment All kinds of auxiliary materials for ink have a certain degree of adhesion.

Good leveling, smooth film surface. The surface absorbency, smoothness, wettability, etc. of printed products are very different. In order to form a smooth film on the surface of various products, the glazing oil has good flow and flatness and the film surface is smooth after film formation.

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