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How much do you know about the post-printing process of paper packaging? Anqing Yonghua Machinery Automatic Window Patching Machine

In the past, the problems of low post-press production efficiency, poor stability, single processing function, and high dependence on labor are developing in the direction of automation, intelligence, high efficiency, and integration. As the packaging and printing industry has proposed new trends such as green, environmental protection, and energy saving, more and more packaging and printing companies are seeking more efficient automated production equipment to reduce labor costs.

Anqing Yonghua Machinery is a professional manufacturer in the color box post-printing industry. It has an irreplaceable brand influence in the packaging and printing industry, attracting more talents to join the packaging and printing machinery industry to meet the industry’s actual operation of equipment And the huge demand for management talents.

Development trend of post-press technology and equipment:

Efficiency: Simply increasing the speed of the equipment is no longer the most effective way to achieve high-efficiency production. Now there are more and more short-run jobs, and the differences between jobs lead to the adjustment and conversion of equipment, the number of preparations and the increase in preparation time. The speed advantage of too high equipment cannot be used. Anqing Yonghua Machinery's fully automatic high-speed window sticking machine equipment has achieved a high degree of automation. The operator completely inputs the corresponding size data through the console. The equipment can automatically complete all adjustments and fully automatically realize job conversion.

Anqing Yonghua Machinery's automatic high-speed window sticking machine YH1080 equipment is used for sticking windows of all kinds of cartons and cartons, etc. The production speed is fast, up to 18000-20000 sheets/hour. It is suitable for laminating sheet film after cutting corners and crimping. The equipment adopts silk screen gluing, and the glue layer is thick and uniform; servo feeding positioning printing, three-point positioning lamination, high printing and lamination accuracy; multiple parallel film lamination can be realized at one time; the human-oriented design of the visual man-machine interface allows The production and operation of the equipment are simpler. It is an ideal choice for high-quality toy boxes, packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes and other window-attaching crafts. So far, this device is a patented product with very high precision of window pasting in the industry.

The excellent post-press equipment is not limited to this one, as well as the automatic line-cutting and corner-cutting machine YH650 for corrugated boxes, the line-cutting and corner-cutting machine YH1080 for corrugated boxes, and the automatic line-cutting and corner-cutting machine for corrugated boxes.

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