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The production process of Anqing Yonghua Machinery YH1080 automatic window sticking machine


Color box window paste is a process often encountered in the subsequent processing of printing and packaging. Most of the current printing and packaging companies use manual gluing and pasting, which is time-consuming and low in efficiency, which affects the printing time. At present, the window sticking machines sold on the market generally have shortcomings such as long debugging time, difficult operation technology to master, and excessive accumulated error. Our R&D personnel broke through the conventional design ideas, boldly innovated, and developed a fully automatic window patching machine. This machine has the characteristics of small size, fast speed, low power consumption, high efficiency, simple operation, time-saving and labor-saving, and no accumulated error. It is an alternative product for horizontal window patching machines. As soon as this product was put on the market, it was well received by users at home and abroad, and has now been sold throughout the country and Southeast Asian countries and regions.

The high-quality material configuration ensures the continuous and stable output of the carton, achieving high output and low loss. Multiple control and setting functions ensure high speed and perfect output. This machine can be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users. This machine is equipped with paper conveying, paper chain, vacuum conveying table, cold glue system, hot glue system, picking device, stacking table, etc. Such function settings can be operated on the touch screen. Mainly used in toy packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, electronic boxes, underwear boxes, daily necessities boxes, etc.

Production process: Anqing Yonghua Machinery YH1080 automatic window sticking machine completes the six processes of paper feeding, paper feeding, gluing, cutting, film sticking and paper delivery. The paper to be pasted is placed on the workbench of the window paster, and the machine can automatically send the paper from the conveyor belt to the next working position. When the paper product is transported to the gluing station, the window enclosed by the adhesive strip on the stencil roller is used to apply the glue to the window of the paper product to be glued after the adjustment of the glue strip, and the window part is coated with glue. It continues to be transferred to the film sticking station through the conveyor belt; at the same time, the film is clamped by the transfer roller to the position of the cross-cutting knife roller, so that it is cut between the upper and lower knives. The cut film is transferred to the film transfer roller, and the film is glued to the paper product window. With the rotation of the film transfer roller and the movement of the paper product, when the two films gradually approach and align with the sticker window, the film will It will turn from inhalation to blowing, and the film will be pasted onto the paper window, and then roll paper will be used to complete the pasting. The film can cut the film on the paper window, and the length of the cut can be adjusted as needed.

This machine is controlled by a microcomputer system, which can effectively degumming and stop processing the paper empty, continuous sheets, etc., so as to minimize the waste rate. Extending the conveyor belt is more suitable for multi-person operations.

Imported belts, Delta inverters, TECO, thick structure, simple and convenient adjustment, our main automatic window patching machine is practical, durable and easy to use! !

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