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In the current printing and packaging industry, most printing and packaging companies often pay the most attention to the use of world-class advanced printing and packaging equipment, but ignores the integrated post-press equipment and has no overall solution. The current market competition is fierce and transparent. Relying solely on high-efficiency printing presses obviously cannot achieve the “anticlimax” of printing quality. Printing quality cannot guarantee printing quality. The key to printing is that printing companies use world-class printing presses, but relatively backward equipment is used after printing. , So the post-press cost cannot guarantee the printing quality well.

the automatic window sticking machine

To change this situation, adopt the "corrugated color box printing and post-press comprehensive solution" to save costs, improve labor productivity, ensure product quality, improve service levels, and become a product trusted by users.

Anqing Yonghua Machinery Automatic Window Patching Machine provides the most complete "corrugated color box packaging and post-printing integrated solution" for Chinese and foreign users, and provides the most advanced and complete technical equipment and materials for you to purchase:

The main function of the automatic window sticking machine is: choose double high hardness tube roller to drive glue, tube roller support adopts fair device, can adjust the thickness of glue; choose flexible stencil printing glue, stencil shape can be engraved according to product requirements; equipment; The roller of the template is engraved with a reference line, and the thickness of the glue can be adjusted; the flexible template printing plate is selected, and the front and back orientation can be adjusted according to the requirements of the product.

The film part adopts stepless speed regulation equipment, which can adjust the length of the film without stopping the machine; choose the hob to automatically cut the length of the film; actively press the zigzag line of the film; actively cut the film's teeth (such as facial tissue paper box); select the suction tube roller Stick the film onto the carton. You can adjust the direction of the film front and back without stopping the machine.

The utility model is installed on the retracting and unwinding reel, and by adjusting the current of the window patching machine, the resistance generated by it is controlled, thereby controlling the tension of the material surface. The carton window sticking machine and the brake are a special active component that transmits torque through the magnetic powder filled in the working gap. By changing the magnetic current, the magnetic state of the magnetic powder can be changed, and then the transmission torque can be adjusted. This system is suitable for stepless speed regulation from the end of zero to synchronous speed, and is suitable for fine-tuning systems of high-speed section and medium and small power. The unwinding or rewinding tension control system is also used to adjust the current mode to adjust the torque to ensure that the tension is maintained constant during the winding process.

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