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Intelligent selection of post-printing equipment-Anqing Yonghua Machinery Automatic Corrugated Alignment and Angle Cutting and Window Pasting Machine

For machinery manufacturing, when it comes to automation and intelligence, first, the structure and function of the machine should respond quickly, the time for order replacement should be further shortened, the efficiency and speed of the machine should be further improved, and the labor intensity should be reduced as much as possible during use.

Anqing Yonghua Machinery's fully automatic aligning and cutting corner window patching machine has attracted the attention and purchase of domestic and foreign giants. This machine is used for all kinds of die-cutting, creasing, paper boxes, carton window film, suitable for sheet film after cutting corners and crimping. This machine adopts screen printing and gluing, the glue layer is thick and uniform; servo feeding positioning printing, three-point positioning and bonding, high printing accuracy; multiple parallel films can be laminated at one time, and it is used for high-end toy packaging, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, etc. The first choice for processing.

Anqing Yonghua Machinery’s automatic line cutting corner window pasting machine meets the needs of different products and guarantees every detail. The equipment is equipped with a heat exchange paste system, with automatic fault diagnosis function, simple operation, high production efficiency, saving manpower and improving Production capacity is the ideal choice for the current era of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Anqing Yonghua Fully Automatic Alignment, Cutting and Corner Window Pasting Machine is a special purpose for the high-demand and high-quality color box corner window pasting machine. Adopt positioning type window paste, industrial computer and program algorithm. The machine integrates processes such as crimping, corner cutting, process holes, and protruding.

Machine features of automatic corrugated line cutting corner window sticking machine

1. The machine uses an encoder to collect data and parameterize the machine.

2. The paper feeding department adopts servo motor, which makes the start and stop more stable, timely and accurate.

3. Align the paper feeding section, only need to adjust the parameters on the touch screen.

4. Push the rule to push the paper, and the left and right leaning board to block the paper to ensure the accurate position of the paper.

5. The glue printing department can easily adjust the front and back and left and right positions when the machine is turned on.

6. The position of pressing line and cutting angle can be adjusted separately, which is more convenient.

7. Electric eye tracking control, effectively processing empty sheets and continuous sheets of paper.

8. Servo motor is used for film feeding. The film feeding length is accurate and can be adjusted on the touch screen.

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