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Anqing Yonghua Machinery has created a fully automatic high-speed window patching machine and supporting equipment for you

Color boxes are the fastest growing in all types of paper packaging. As a very mature market segment, they are widely used in tobacco, food, medicine, daily chemicals and other fields closely related to people's lives, and their demand continues to expand. In the past 10 years, the global color box usage has grown at a rate of 3% to 6% every year, and my country's color box usage has also grown rapidly.

Window-type color boxes are favored by end users in various industries, surpassing various packaging institutions/organizations in one fell swoop, and become the mainstream form of the current European and American packaging market. The so-called "windowing" is to use die-cutting indentation to roll out leaks at the pre-designed position of the carton. When processing, the edge of the window should be smooth and clean, the knife interface should be arranged in a reasonable way, the position of the knife edge will not affect the window opening effect, and the strength and processing of the carton should be taken into consideration. Enough distance.

Anqing Yonghua Machinery has built a fully automatic high-speed window patching machine and supporting equipment for you with a professional team, rigorous management, and excellent equipment.

Anqing Yonghua automatic high-speed window sticking machine, the production speed is fast, up to 18,000-20000 sheets/hour. The adjustment of the machine is simple, and the front, back, left and right positions of the glue and the front, back, left and right positions of the film can be adjusted without stopping the machine. Both paper feeding and film feeding are driven by servo motors, which are accurate and reliable. The intelligent paper and film feeding methods, and the humanized design of the visual man-machine interface make the production and operation of the equipment easier.

The automatic high-speed window sticking machine is a classic product of Anqing Yonghua Machinery. The equipment adopts classic window sticking technology. It has the characteristics of accurate paper positioning, stable, high precision window sticking, fast speed, low noise, and high degree of automation. It is well received by the market.

How to realize the power of continuous product innovation. Market-oriented, based on customer needs, develop products, with the goal of reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency, improving automation, and reducing the difficulty of operation by employees, which is the source of our independent research and development and innovation.

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