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Focus on the packaging and printing industry in all directions! Don't you like this kind of automatic window sticking machine?

At present, the entire post-press equipment is developing in the direction of intelligence. Many post-press equipment suppliers regard smart post-press equipment as their key product promotion. How to choose the smart post-press equipment suitable for your company, and how to make the most of these equipment after purchase, should be two important issues to consider before purchasing these intelligent post-press equipment.

The advantages of Anqing Yonghua Machinery's automatic window sticking machine may not be clear from the perspective of the machine's parameter characteristics. If you compare the automatic window sticking machine with the traditional screen printing glue process, you will find the advantages of the window sticking machine, and you will find that you will slowly fall in love with this high-energy automatic window sticking machine !
1. The traditional film out is used as a frame to pull the net to expose the net. (It will be much slower to use glue sticking, the average person-hour output is less than 200 pieces); while the window sticking machine uses double high hardness tube rollers to drive glue, and the tube roller support adopts an eccentric device to adjust the glue thickness.

2. The traditional screen printing machine requires 1 person to screen and can be used for 4-5 people to mount or mount, 5-6 people/group, the average output per group is about 500-1000 prints per hour; while the window patching machine uses flexible template printing Glue and stencil shape can be carved according to product needs.

3. The efficiency of traditional screen printing machine cannot be improved because of the principle of putting one sheet and printing one sheet. Directly using the screen frame to print glue requires one more station, and it can not put too much at one time, and there will be problems such as screen printing running out of position, and the workers are skilled. The efficiency is also difficult to control due to the different degrees of screen printing and misalignment. The roller for installing the template is engraved with a reference line, and the installation of the template is accurate, convenient and fast.

4. The reason why the efficiency of the two traditional screen printing methods is difficult to improve is that in each process, the position of the screen printing cannot be improved; the left and right positions of the printing rubber can be adjusted, and the front and rear positions are adjusted by positive adjustment.

This machine is a paper box with unpasted paper boxes, and a layer of film is attached to the window. It adopts a patented suction belt paper feeding mechanism, and the paper is fed smoothly and reliably; the chain pushes the paper and the positioning is accurate; the film is automatically fed and cut. , Filming, filming, etc. are all adjustable, fully automatic window sticking machine.

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