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This automatic window patching machine is a good product that sells well overseas-Anqing Yonghua Machinery

The increase in market demand for color box window pasting equipment has greatly stimulated the technological upgrading of the industry. Packaging models with brand-new intelligence and automatic functions will gradually replace tradition and become a mainstream in the future. It is an effective way for the continuous development of window-pasting enterprises, and it is also the ultimate policy for stopping technological change.

At present, the international window patching machine industry still has problems such as stand-alone automation, poor stability and firmness, unsightly appearance, and short life span. This is the advantage of domestic equipment in the competition of export packaging equipment.

The window sticking machine must have high flexibility and sensitivity, and the production line allows the packaging size to be adjusted within the specified scale. Changing goods and packaging does not replace expensive packaging production lines, because the life cycle of goods is shorter than the life of equipment. Shopping malls use customer requests as the driving force for market development, and shopping malls with window patching machines are no exception. Now the international packaging and food machinery development is based on the request of major customers as the guideline to drive the development of related machinery.

As a post-press equipment manufacturer with independent research and development technology, Yonghua Machinery has launched star products since 2012 and has been around for nearly 10 years: automatic high-speed window sticking machine YH1080G, automatic corrugated corner cutting window sticking machine YH650D. These devices are not only popular in China, but also good products that sell well overseas.

The biggest purpose of the automatic window sticking machine is to help all kinds of window-opening gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, window-opening corrugated paper boxes and film! And the effect is quite good.

The structure of the automatic window sticking machine is also relatively simple, mainly including 4 aspects: 1. Flat belt paper pulling mechanism, which can feed paper without stopping; level mechanism, accurate positioning. 2. The gluing method of the runner ensures uniform gluing and can effectively control the amount of glue. 3. Cross-cut film, stable and reliable. 4. The well-designed fine-tuning device is easy to adjust.

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