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Explain in detail the many key points of the color box post-printing window pasting process-Anqing Yonghua automatic window pasting machine


Through the continuous efforts of Anqing Yonghua Machinery Co., the carton window pasting machine selects imported materials and computer components. The introduction of domestic and foreign technology can meet the needs of customers. Because we are in a leading position in the Chinese market, the equipment we provide to our customers has high operational stability, thereby ensuring product quality, production efficiency and profitability. The advent of the carton window sticking machine has replaced other carton window sticking machines that cannot be used for window sticking processing. Through the bottom suction paper, pull-out pin positioning, active glue and automatic film, the film size can be set arbitrarily according to the window size, the paper is automatically stacked after the pasting, and the machine is automatically sealed. The machine is easy to debug and has high work efficiency. It is a variety of paper boxes. The ideal equipment for pasting windows.

The following are the 2 major characteristics of the carton automatic window sticking machine:

1. The production efficiency is high, the adjustment is convenient, the gluing and gluing, and the cleaning operation are convenient, and the bell mouth problem that appears on the bottom side of the seal is solved, which greatly improves the production efficiency. At the same time, the air suction is used to draw the paper from the lower part, and the paper is fed without stopping the machine, and the paper is separated reliably.

2. Air-suction type rolling fence folding, stable standard, rotary sizing ensures uniform glue volume, high standard, stable function, convenient operation, etc. It is an ideal equipment for producing Chinese envelopes and a high-quality product in the minds of consumers. .

At present, there are many kinds of automatic paper window pasting equipment for domestic machinery. The two methods are different in use and principle. However, for China’s paper machinery industry, the start is late, the technology is not yet mature, the production speed is slow, and the quality is unstable. The paper machine equipment is semi-automatic. With the development of China’s paper machine The requirements of the paper machine are getting lower and lower, the production speed is slow, the quality is unstable, and the paper machine equipment is semi-automatic. With the continuous development of China and the development of paper machine equipment, the requirements for paper quality and hygiene are getting higher and higher.

Window Patching Machine Paper Packaging
At present, the domestic window patching machine industry has experienced development bottlenecks, and the market size is difficult to break through. However, the high-end market for window patching machines has a lot of demand, but it has not yet reached. The policy on packaging machinery was promulgated, and it was found that there is still a large market for window patching machines, and the high-end window patching machines are underdeveloped at this stage. However, the global economy is currently in a downturn, and my country's window patching machines should seize the opportunity to improve the problems of high-end window patching machines.

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