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Parameters of YH650 Automatic Corrugated Aligning and Cutting Angle Window Patching Machine-Anqing Yonghua Machinery


The automatic window sticking machine is mainly used to stick the film on the window box. This machine replaces the manual sticking film, automatic paper pulling, automatic gluing, automatic film cutting, and automatic bonding. It is the ideal equipment to replace the manual sticking film! All kinds of window-opening gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes and other paper boxes that need to be filmed, and window-opening corrugated boxes can be automatically completed on this machine.

Automatic corrugated line-cutting and corner-cutting window sticking machine YH650
Automatic corrugated line-cutting and corner-cutting window sticking machine YH650 automatic window sticking machine adopts belt to draw paper, continuous paper feeding, accurate alignment, the whole machine adopts synchronous belt transmission, low noise and less error.

The automatic corrugated crimping and corner cutting window pasting machine produced by Anqing Yonghua Machinery specializes in the needs of corrugated box crimping and corner cutting. The fastest speed of this machine for line-up color boxes can reach 8000 sheets/hour, and it can be used for ordinary color boxes. 18,000 sheets/hour.


Size (m): 5.5*1.4*1.85

Weight (tons): 2.5

Applicable paper (g): 180~1000

Applicable paper size (mm): 650*650

Applicable paper size (mm): 150*150

Applicable film thickness (mm): 0.03~0.25

Window range (mm): 30*30~350*350

Machine speed (sheets/hour): 3000~13000

Power consumption and requirements (kw): 7.5 (three-phase four-wire)

Glue: Water-soluble machine window paste

The high-quality material configuration ensures the continuous and stable output of the carton, achieving high output and less waste. Various control and setting functions to ensure perfect output of finished products under high-speed operation. The machine can be designed and manufactured according to the special requirements of users. The machine is equipped with paper feeder, paper chain mechanism, vacuum conveying table, cold glue system, hot glue system, picking device, paper stacking table, etc. All function settings can be operated on the touch screen. Suitable for toy packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, electronic boxes, underwear boxes, daily necessities boxes, etc.

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