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To prevent electric shock of the automatic window sticking machine, pay attention to regular maintenance

The window pasting machine is used in the pasting process of packaging paper products such as wine boxes, gift boxes, napkin boxes, cosmetic boxes, children's toy boxes, and clothing boxes. Die-cut paper products of 200-1000g/㎡ cardboard and corrugated paper within 2.5mm are used for film opening, cutting, cardboard gluing, filming, and finishing before gluing. The following points should be paid attention to to prevent electric shock of window sticking machine:

1. The power supply of the window sticker must be grounded.

2. Do not replace electrical components when the automatic window sticker is powered on, otherwise it will be dangerous. Automatic window patching machine

3. Please do not operate the switch, button and knob of the window sticker with wet hands to prevent electric shock.

4. When powering on or running, please do not open the door of the electrical box, the enclosure and the enclosure of each electrical component, otherwise electric shock may occur.

5. For cables and wires, please do not damage them, add excessive stress to them, make them carry heavy objects or clamp them. Otherwise, it will cause electric shock to the high-speed window patching machine.

6. Do not turn on the main power switch to run the window sticker when the electrical box door is open, otherwise you may touch the high voltage terminals and cause electric shock. Even when the power is off, except for inspection and regular maintenance, please do not open the door of the electrical box casually. It is strictly forbidden to put all sundries in the electrical box and keep it clean.

7. Overhaul and regular maintenance work should be carried out by professional and technical personnel. For overhaul or regular maintenance, please disconnect the power supply, after 10 minutes of crimping and cutting corners of the window pasting machine, use a multimeter to detect the residual voltage disappeared. Otherwise, it may cause an electric shock accident. Window pasting machine is also called carton window pasting machine, which is mainly used for pasting various window-opening gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, and window-opening corrugated boxes! The general operation steps include film sticking, paper pulling, gluing, film cutting, bonding and other steps. Keeping the inside and outside of the window sticking machine clean is the basic condition to ensure the long-term normal and efficient production of the window sticking machine. Therefore, it is required to regularly and thoroughly fully automatic wire window sticking machine to remove foreign matter, dust and deposits on the surface and internal parts of the window sticking machine, and to maintain the machine carefully and on time. Window patching machine equipment

The operation of the window sticking machine is very simple, but you should not be lazy because it is simple in normal use. The machine should be checked frequently, and the window sticking machine should be regularly maintained to increase the service life of the machine.

1. When using the window sticker, check whether the various functions of the machine are normal, and use it after ensuring the safety of the machine;

2. When the Anqing Yonghua mechanical window sticking machine is running, no unrelated personnel are allowed to operate on the machine, so as not to interrupt the normal operation of the machine. When there is a problem, the machine should be shut down to check and clean up the blocked objects; 3. The window sticking machine is debugging After the end, check that all tools or other objects have been removed from the window patcher, and then jog the window patcher slowly for a week to avoid accidents;

4. Develop a good habit of regular inspections for safety devices, and regularly replace vulnerable parts to ensure timely replacement of the machine.

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