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Window patching machine promotes enterprise environmental protection production failures and solutions—Anqing Yonghua Machinery

Now that the country has paid more and more attention to the environmental protection of enterprises, what is the significance of the window patching machine for the environmental protection of enterprises?

Window sticking machine is also called carton window sticking machine. It is mainly used to stick the film of the window-opening carton, including several steps such as sticking film, drawing paper, gluing, cutting film, and bonding. It is suitable for all kinds of window-opening gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, sanitary paper boxes, and window-opening corrugated paper boxes. This machine is a flat-belt paper-drawing mechanism, which can feed paper without stopping; the level mechanism is a fully automatic window sticking machine with positioning.

Window patching machines have environmentally friendly printing equipment, technologies, processes and materials, promoting environmentally friendly production of printing enterprises, and promoting the entire printing industry to achieve energy-saving and emission-reducing green printing, which will become an important goal of the entire industry. In addition, the development of green printing will also help promote the upgrading of printing products, production management and industrial structure, improve the basic quality and awareness of corporate managers and employees, and promote the market to move towards a more active and reasonable high-speed window patching machine and more Benefits and is more conducive to sustainable development.

The main features of the structure of the window sticking machine are: the front and rear positions of the paper, the front and rear positions of the glue, the left and right positions of the film can be adjusted without stopping the machine during production. The adjustment of the three positions is very convenient and fast, and it is very simple, convenient and fast to change the product. The main structure of the window sticking machine is composed of five parts: paper feeding part; positioning part; printing glue part; film sticking part; paper receiving part. The frame adopts the steel plate structure of the full pressure line cutting corner window pasting machine, which is durable.

In the whole machine of the window patching machine, the paper feeding position of the cardboard is more important. Its main advantages are: the bottom of the paper belt is used to draw the paper, and the paper can be fed continuously without stopping; the intermittent conveying adopts frequency conversion control, and the intermittent conveying length can be adjusted according to the length of the paper; multiple conveying belts are equipped with gears and rack devices, and the belt can be adjusted. The left and right position of the paper is the key to the paper feeding part.

When the window sticking machine is turned on, the automatic line-to-wire window sticking machine has abnormal sound and can not send the film. Solution:

(1) Check whether the steering of the main motor is accurate, and adjust it to the exact direction indicated by the arrow;

(2) Whether the motor driver is showing faults, turn off the main power supply of the window pasting machine and re-energize it to recover to normal.

During the operation process, the film feeding scale is staggered, and the feeding scale is more than 5mm shorter than the preset scale. The window sticking machine operation process intermittently presents the treatment method of not feeding the film once:

(1) The sensitivity of the photoelectric eye is not well adjusted or the polarity is incorrectly selected;

(2) The photoelectric switch seat should be replaced if it leaks electricity to the ground or short-circuits between the terminals;

(3) The unwinding speed is lower than the feeding speed, it is necessary to loosen the film pressing strips, check some properties of the unwinding, and eliminate the faults.

The motor torque is significantly reduced, and the bag-making dimensions are not accurate, indicating that the driver of the window patching machine is faulty, or the connection between the rubber roller of the window patching machine and the motor is somewhat blocked.

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