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Is the development of automatic window sticking machine suitable for all paper products?—Anqing Yonghua Machinery


With the prosperity and development of the commodity economy, the improvement of people's quality of life and the improvement of consumption levels, and the slowing of the pace of life, consumers are increasingly demanding fast foods such as microwave foods, snack foods, and frozen foods. The industry pointed out that this trend will slow down the speed of frozen food and the need for convenient food packaging. At the same time, it has proposed a development plan for agricultural industrialization, focusing on the development of agricultural by-products deep processing, and agricultural by-products deep processing projects need to be equipped with many fully automatic Window patching machines and packaging materials; food processing and window patching machines are the key areas of the food industry. These will bring broad prospects to the window patching machine industry. In the future, the development of food and window patching machines The prospects are very broad, so the development prospects of the food industry are broad.

For color box suppliers, whether they can provide real-time production and real-time supply has become a prerequisite for the selection of color box suppliers. On-time delivery, providing a satisfactory number of colored boxes in the shortest time will help to obtain orders. It is required that the window sticking machine must undergo complex renovations, and the production speed is fast, of course, it is also indispensable, because the manufacturer needs to be ready to produce at any time.

The entire printing industry is moving towards tighter working hours, shorter operating cycles, more job conversions, and scheduled equipment life. Post-press equipment manufacturers are facing increasing pressure. The higher the level of automation of the window patching machine, the lower the dependence on the operator, the lower the dependence on the operator. At the same time, it can also increase the production power and reduce the operator's rest intensity. In terms of operability, it will become more and more animalistic, showing the "people-oriented" design concept.

At present, the applicability of international window patching machines is not high, and there are certain local restrictions in the production process of the same type of color box. Traditional window patching machines are mainly based on "two-fold hook bottom" and "four-fold hook bottom". , The products that can usually be made are general side stickers, automatic line-to-line window stickers and side stickers and bottom stickers, which are completely unsuitable for the production of impermanent color boxes.

The window sticking machine is mainly used to stick the film on the window-opening paper box. It consists of sticking film, pulling paper, gluing, cutting film, bonding and other steps; suitable for mobile phone boxes, wine boxes, napkin boxes, children's toy boxes, and clothing boxes. , Milk boxes, greeting cards and other packaging paper products with or without windows.

The whole machine adopts programmable controller, man-machine interface, photoelectric tracking, centralized control of Anqing Yonghua Machinery, in order to complete the automatic feeding, feeding, window gluing (or Some flat surfaces are glued and some are laminated), diaphragm cutting, film sticking, paper delivery and other processes.

The automatic window sticking machine is especially suitable for the film sticking function of double-sided and three-sided windows (the film can be cut in advance, indentation, to prevent wrinkles when folding the box). The paper feeding mechanism is controlled by a servo system, with accurate inch movement, completes high-speed paper feeding, guarantees high-speed and stable working conditions, and has high operating accuracy.

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