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How to avoid the glue condensation of the automatic window sticking machine is the key to the printing glue part—Anqing Yonghua Machinery

Glue condensation when the window applier is stopped is a very troublesome thing. In order to avoid the glue between the rubber roller and the transfer roller when the window applier is stopped, when the main machine is stopped, the motor starts the glue roller and the glue on the glue roller The roller and the transfer roller continue to rotate. Select the position of the paper feeding belt according to the shape of the paper product. Then loosen the star handle on the roller frame, and move the pressure roller on the roller frame to align the conveying roller and the pressure roller. Automatic window patching machine, tighten the star handle. Automatic window patching machine

When the automatic window sticking machine uses the push paper stop gauges on the two conveyor chains to push the paper products at the same time, or when the two push paper stops need to be in sequence, loosen the screws on the sprocket and pull the chain by hand. The sprocket in the empty sleeve rotates idly on the driving shaft, which can drive the paper pushing block gauge on the chain to move back and forth, so that the block gauge is adjusted to the appropriate position of the paper jam and the screw is tightened.

Window Patching Machine Gluing Line
Release the two star-shaped handle screws, and turn the two handles on the left and right sides of the small wall panel at the same time on both sides of the automatic window sticking machine to adjust the gap between the transfer roller and the glue roller. The handle rotates upwards, and the gap between the two rubber rollers is small. The amount of glue applied is small. On the contrary, if the handle is turned down, the amount of glue applied is small. After adjusting to the appropriate amount of glue, tighten the star handle screws.

The paper is conveyed in the gluing and filming stations by the eleven flat belts of the automatic window sticking machine. The suction pump absorbs the jammed paper to the moving conveyor belt through the small holes on the flat belt to keep the jammed paper correct The position enters the glued part. Creasing and cutting corner window sticking machine

The glue roller transfers the glue liquid to the glue roller, and then the glue roller applies the liquid to the rubber strip of the plate material. When paper products are transported to the plate roller for gluing, the two electromagnetic irons on the inner side of the left and right wall panels , Drive the lever to force the suction paper feeding table to rise, so that the glue on the rubber strip can be correctly applied to the window part of the paper product through the rotation of the roller.

The automatic window sticking machine is mainly used to stick the film on the window-opening paper box, and glue and stick the film on the unfolded paper, such as corrugated milk boxes, cardboard underwear boxes, toys, home textiles, high-end cosmetic paper boxes, etc. After die-cutting 200-1000 g/㎡ cardboard and corrugated paper within 2.5mm, the film is opened, cut, cardboard gluing, filming, and finishing functions are carried out in the glue box. For the paper feed point, the printing position is the most critical:
The main function of the rubber printing part is: the use of double high hardness tube rollers to drive the glue, the tube roller support is installed eccentrically, and the thickness of the glue can be adjusted; flexible stencil printing is used, and the shape of the stencil can be engraved according to product requirements; the installation of the stencil The roller is engraved with a reference line, and the device template is accurate, convenient and fast; the left and right positions of the printing rubber can be adjusted, and the front and rear positions are adjusted by a positive adjuster, which can adjust the front, rear, left, and right positions of the printing rubber without stopping the machine.

The diaphragm part adopts non-polar speed regulation, Anqing Yonghua Machinery can adjust the length of the film without stopping; use the film reel to automatically cut the length of the film; automatically press the zigzag line of the film; automatically cut the tooth of the film (such as paper towel box); Use the suction tube roller to suck the film onto the carton. The position of the film before and after the machine can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

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