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Automatic window sticking machine paper feeding and conveying plate roller circumferential position adjustment—Anqing Yonghua Machinery

After feeding the paper products that need to be filmed after die-cutting and indentation are neatly arranged, use the paper feed belt to place it on the paper feed table obliquely. The paper feed belt is at the bottom of the paper feed belt. The paper piles are separated. As the paper feeding belt rotates, the paper products of the window applicator pass between the paper feeding belt and the pressure roller and then enter the paper feeding device.

After the fed paper product enters the conveying device through the paper feeding belt, the paper product is transported forward by the rear end of the paper product by the paper pusher gauge on the chain, and the automatic window applicator rail and left and right guides are guided along the adjusted distance up and down. The guide device of the guide rail and the automatic window sticking machine are sent to the vacuum conveyor belt of the gluing device.

Due to the different specifications of the processed paper products and the different window positions, the paper feeding position needs to be adjusted as necessary. Select the position of the paper feeding belt according to the shape of the processed paper, loosen the tension wheel of the paper belt, and move the paper feeding belt to the desired position and fix it. Loosen the star handle on the roller frame, move the pressure roller to the supporting roller frame, align the conveying wheel with the pressure roller, and tighten the star handle of the high-speed window machine.

Adjusting the position of paper conveying When the filmed paper products are pushed by the paper pusher on the two conveyor chains at the same time, or when the two paper pushers are required to be in sequence, loosen the screw on the sprocket and pull the chain by hand. The sprocket, which is in the empty sleeve, rotates idly on the driving shaft, and can drive the paper pushing block on the chain to move back and forth, so that the block can be adjusted to the appropriate position of the paper jam and then the screw is locked.

Adjust the circumferential position of the plate roller of the window sticking machine. Install the rubber plate on the plate roller of the crimping and cutting corner window sticking machine. You can use the printing ink to coat the rubber strips to move the paper on the window sticking machine and the paper will pass. The chain pushes the paper stop gauge to print the ink on the rubber strip, and with the rotation of the plate roller, the ink is printed on the window of the paper product.

On the plate roller inside the wall panel of the automatic window sticking machine operation interface, according to the relative position difference between the window to be pasted and the layout, the circumferential position of the plate roller can be adjusted to achieve the glue rubber strip on the glue plate aligning with the sticking window The front and rear positions, and then tighten the set screws.
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When there is a difference between the left and right relative position between the left and right side of the window of the window of the sticker and the window to be pasted on the jammed paper, adjust the paper feeding positioning side guide and paper feeding positioning block appropriately, and the plate roller can also be fine-tuned left and right. .

The film application of the automatic window sticking machine consists of four steps: film feeding, film cutting, film conveying and film sticking. Unfold a whole roll of film according to the width of the window on the jam, and load it into the material rack device at the end of the host. The length of the film is generally 30 cm longer than the length of the window, and the width of the film roll is about 25-30 cm wider than the window.

The film is then continuously outputted by a pair of film feeding rollers and a power roller at a preset speed according to the length of the window required for film application, enters the film application roller, and enters the window rubber roller. Cut through the knife edge, and then during the cutting process, the film is absorbed and transferred by the film transfer roller. When it is accurately opposed to the paper product window, the film roll changes from suction to blowing due to the action of the air valve. , The film and cardboard are absorbed and transferred by the pressure film conveying roller, and the film and cardboard are sent out at an appropriate speed by the film and cardboard according to the preset speed.

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