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Color box, carton packaging and printing industry must choose post-press processing products-Anqing Yonghua Machinery Window Patching Machine Equipment

With the continuous development of the market economy, the types of products continue to increase, as the market demand changes. Product technology and production processes are also constantly updated, and strive to achieve the highest level of performance and quality of the window patching machine to better meet the business needs of some manufacturers. Therefore, the market development of the window patching machine has a good prospect, and the packaging is for production. Service companies provide the best service.

Window patching machines using new technologies allow more consumers to experience this new service, allowing the market to develop fully automatic window patching machines, coupled with changes in product costs and demand, combined with the continuous advancement of modern technology, to enable more companies Enter to create unlimited market opportunities.

Automatic window patching machine is a kind of production machinery and equipment. In the domestic market, it has decades of development prospects. Major production enterprises are producing electricity at a relatively fast speed and productivity, so they have strong product quality and quality assurance. For packaging services will be more complete details.

Automated packaging has become an inevitable trend, but nowadays, the automation of packaging high-speed window patching machines is only relative. It is a long way to take the initiative to recognize the truth and encounter a series of problems. According to the definition of packaging automation, it is to use automated equipment to control and process the packaging process, and to plan in accordance with the prescribed procedures. Throughout the process of social delivery, packaging can maintain, beautify, publicize, and sell product functions and improve product competitiveness.

In large-scale industrial production, packaging is the last process. At present, packaging automation has been applied to the installation of various industrial production and social construction pressure line cutting angle window stickers. Packaging box window stickers, automatic definitions are becoming more and more extensive, more and more detailed, and more and more in-depth research. From mechanical automation All packaging procedures, packaging processes, the entire production line and workshop planning of the event will become inevitable.

The window sticking machine machine automatically draws paper, positions, applies glue, film, bonding, high speed, no glue overflow, and no scratches on the film (film). The window sticking machine has a reasonable structure design, and the adjustment is very convenient and flexible. It can adjust the length, front and back, left and right positions of the thin film (film) of the automatic alignment window sticking machine without stopping the machine. The machine adopts programmable controller PLC control, high precision, maintenance-free, and abnormal operation protection. Note: Before starting the machine, please check whether the handle, button and safety cover are in the designated position. People around the machine should maintain a safe position. Anqing Yonghua Machinery
1. Glue printing department: Double high-hardness tube rollers are used to drive glue. The tube roller support adopts a sliding block device, which can quickly adjust the thickness of the glue. The user can use flexible stencils to print glue, install the stencils to accurately and accurately position, and adjust the rubber rollers. Position, so that the printing glue can be accurately positioned. When there is no paper, the roller adopts an automatic pressure release device, and there will be no watermark on the belt.

2. Filming department: The base material can be adjusted in parallel with the pneumatic angle cutting device. The creasing device can adjust the pressure, and the user can adjust the creasing line and the weight according to the needs. With servo film feeding, the length of the film can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

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