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How to determine the safety paper output adjustment of the automatic window sticking machine—Anqing Yonghua Machinery

The utility model is a window-opening carton, which automatically applies glue when opening the window and automatically attaches a plastic film. The box can be cardboard or corrugated paper. Window cartons are widely used in tissue boxes, toy boxes, clothing packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. After the window is packaged once, you can see the style and color of the product without opening the carton. This model can print glue and film for the automatic window applicator at one time, speeding up the production speed of the color box printing factory.

1. All safety devices must be kept intact and effective, and faulty parts should be repaired or replaced in time;

2. Before starting the automatic window sticking machine, check whether the handles, buttons, and protective covers are in the predetermined positions. Note that other people around the automatic window sticking machine should be in a safe position;
3. When the full-automatic high-speed window-sticking machine is running, it is not allowed to come into contact with the running paper products, cutting objects, etc., and only after the shutdown, can the full-automatic window-sticking machine be cleaned or the channel blockages removed;

4. After debugging the automatic window patching machine, check that all tools or other items have been removed from the machine, and then jog the machine slowly for a week to avoid accidents;

5. If the automatic window sticking machine suddenly fails for some reason, please press the "emergency stop" button to automatically lock the window sticking machine. Check the reason and restart the machine after the fault is eliminated; automatic window sticking machine

6. Before restarting the automatic window sticking machine, carefully check the moving parts of the machine (rollers, shafts), remove waste paper, sundries, etc. from these parts, and determine whether the position is reliable. People around the machine should keep a safe distance. Unauthorized personnel are not allowed to operate the fully automatic line window sticker.

Adjustment operation of paper output collection position:

1. The paper product that has finished window filming is sent out by the conveyor flat belt and then falls on the flat belt of the delivery table. Because the crank connecting rod makes the delivery conveyor flat belt move in one direction intermittently, the paper product is under the weight of the nylon wheel. Complete the stacking and collection of paper products.
2. Keep the automatic window sticking machine in operation, and turn the adjusting screw at the tail of the paper table to drive the belt passive roller to move back and forth, so that the flat belt is tightly tight and does not run off during transmission.

3. Anqing Yonghua Machinery loosens the lock handle and rotates the adjustment handle counterclockwise to keep the conveying flat belt and the film conveying roller at a thickness of jammed paper.

4. Move the connecting plate along the axial direction so that the two nylon rollers are located at the glued parts on the two sides of the window.

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