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Automatic window sticking machine safe operation specification, use process and maintenance method—Anqing Yonghua Machinery

The safe operating procedures of the window patcher are summarized as follows:

1. Before starting the automatic window patching machine, check whether the fastening bolts of the equipment device are loose, and wipe the parts with thinning water, and adjust the glue later. It is strictly forbidden to store sundries on the countertop. Automatic aligning and cutting corner window sticking machine

2. Turn off the main power switch, and check whether the host starts, stops, gluing starts and stops, rewinding stops, drying tunnel heating, ventilation power switch and meter pointer, etc., are flexible and sensitive. After powering on, observe whether the equipment is operating normally, and whether there is any abnormal sound or burning smell.
3. When the automatic window sticking machine is started, the speed adjustment of the roller, the temperature of the roller and the temperature of the drying tunnel must be mastered. The speed and temperature of the equipment are strictly controlled.

4. After the equipment is started, it should be idling for 3~5 minutes, test a few films, and mass-produce after checking that they meet the requirements. If the test film has not been tested, no formal production is allowed.

5. Consciously do the "first three inspections" and frequently self-inspect the quality of the workpieces. Anqing Yonghua Machinery cannot stick the film to the end in one self-inspection.

6. It must be 30 centimeters away from the drum during hand-held operation, and it is not allowed to enter the dangerous area.

7. After the work is completed or there is a failure, the machine must stop first and report to the supervisor if there is an abnormal situation. Request repairs and put up a repair badge. It is forbidden to carry out maintenance during operation, and it is forbidden to carry objects.

The main feature of the structure of the automatic window sticking machine is that it can constantly adjust the position of the front and rear of the paper, the position of the glue, the position of the film, and the adjustment of the three positions is very convenient and quick, and it is very convenient and quick to change the product. The main structure of this machine includes paper feeding position; positioning position; glue printing position; film sticking position; paper delivery position; five major components. The frame is a full steel plate structure, strong and durable.
The paper feeding part of this machine adopts the suction paper belt for bottom paper extraction. It is equipped with servo or stepping motor to control the stepping, eliminating the clutch control method. To achieve continuous paper feeding without stopping, the intermittent belt conveying adopts frequency conversion control, and the intermittent conveying length can be adjusted according to the length of the paper. The multiple conveying belts are equipped with gears and rack devices to adjust the left and right position of the belt. High-speed window patching machine

Before the automatic window patching machine is started (shift or shutdown), the main parts of the machine should be inspected, and the machine can be turned on when there is no abnormality after a manual turning. Each machine must be kept clean, all running parts should be kept clean, and electrical equipment should be kept clean. Keep it clean, prevent oil, water, and dust from entering, and take care to protect the wires from being flattened or broken.

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