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The characteristics of high-precision automatic window sticking machine and its great advantages in use—Anqing Yonghua Machinery

Window pasting machines are also called window machines and film machines. They are mainly used for paper windowing products, underwear boxes, lighting packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, mobile phone product boxes, and toy boxes. Its structure is simple and easy to operate, mainly including the following points.

1) Paper feeding part: The discontinuous belt of servo motor is used for bottom pumping, eliminating the traditional clutch control method. Therefore, the automatic window sticking machine realizes continuous paper feeding without stopping, and the user can adjust the intermittent conveying distance according to the length of the paper.

2) Glue printing department: Double high-hardness tube rollers are used to drive glue. The tube roller support adopts a sliding block device, which can quickly adjust the thickness of the glue. The user can use flexible stencils to print glue. The installation of the stencil is accurate, convenient, and fast. The customer requests to adjust different positions and make corresponding adjustments. When there is no paper, the roller adopts an automatic release pressure device, so there will be no offset printing on the tape.

3) Filming section: Pneumatic angle cutting device can be adjusted left and right, parallel, front and rear, left and right adjustable, and can be adjusted arbitrarily according to specifications. The creasing device can adjust the pressure, and the user can adjust the creasing line and the weight according to the needs. Using servo to feed the film, the film length can be adjusted without stopping the machine. Cross-cutting mode: the upper and lower knives are active and cyclically cut.

The automatic window sticking machine is a kind of professional printing and packaging equipment. The automatic and intelligent production method largely replaces the manual operation. The specific features are as follows. Anqing Yonghua Machinery

1. Circular pressure circular connection die-cutting is a die-cutting method for multi-size printing and packaging commodities. At that time, it was used in flexible board printing production lines, form printers, corrugated paper printing slotting window sticking machines, rotary label printers, gravure printing die-cutting production lines, etc. With the development of printing technology, especially the progress of round die-cutting roller processing technology, the application field of die-cutting will be wider, and the production of die-cutting automatic line-to-line window sticking machine will further develop.

2. A traditional sticker label printer production company. In recent years, production has entered a difficult period, and production and sales have been declining year by year. The reason is the increase in the production and sales of high-tech products, rotary satellite-type trademark printers and flexographic printers one by one, and the production of printing and continuous die-cutting is much higher than that of intermittent printing and intermittent die-cutting. Production set up and arrangement.
3. With the rapid development of packaging and printing Anqing Yonghua Machinery Equipment Industry, the scope of the company continues to expand. Shopping malls will continue to expand the use of fully automatic horizontal window sticking machines. On the contrary, the semi-automatic die-cutting and creasing machine market will further decline. In addition to the lack of power, the operator's strong rest intensity and other reasons, the safety is poor. The use of automatic carton window-sticking device improves production power, realizes automatic and intelligent operation, liberates labor productivity, accelerates enterprise production, and promotes enterprise economic development.

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