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The development trend of automatic window sticking machine-Anqing Yonghua Machinery

The automatic window sticking machine is suitable for all kinds of carton sticking windows, color box sticking film. Such as: sanitary paper boxes, cosmetic boxes, toy boxes, handicraft boxes, milk boxes, etc. The machine has compact structure, convenient adjustment, uniform gluing, accurate and firm film, and can adjust the equipment without stopping the machine to improve production efficiency. It is a good helper for carton film processing.

The mechanical technology development trend of automatic window patching machine should first be reflected in the production line of high-yield, automation, single multi-function, multi-functional automatic window patching machine, choose new technology, and focus on progress in the design of automatic window patching machine The degree of automation of the automatic window sticking machine can complete the mechanical and electrical integration control by combining the development of the packaging machinery with the computer.
Several machines with different functions and matching power can be combined to successfully use a more complete production line. Use automatic window patching machines to select relevant new skills. Many packaging methods use inflatable packaging instead of vacuum packaging. Inflatable components and packaging The research and development of high-speed window pasting machine in the three aspects of material and inflatable packaging machine is tight.

The skills of operating the automatic window patching machine have increased the use of computer skills and microelectronics technology, and the use of heat pipe and cold sealing skills. In addition, as the packaging is transformed from a single skill to processing technology to packaging technology, packaging skills should be changed The scope extends to the processing category, and the development of integrated packaging equipment.

For example, the error of photoelectric positioning is much smaller than that of mechanical positioning. The effect of microwave on the dryer is better than that of the electric heating dryer. The electromechanical integration technology is used in packaging machinery. Although it is not long, its effect is significant. Yes, the effect is unparalleled.
Once productive, a new technology can often produce huge results. For example, the photoelectric positioning error is much smaller than the mechanical positioning, and the effect of microwave dryers is better than that of electric heating and drying. The control system is the commanding organ of the machine. Traditional packaging machinery control systems mostly use relays and contactor control circuits. , Its complexity increases with the increase of actuators and adjustment parts, which makes the machine more complicated and brings inconvenience to production, adjustment, use and maintenance. With the integration of mechatronics, microcomputer, induction technology Anqing Yonghua Machinery, and new transmission technology can be used to replace bulky electric control cabinets and driving devices, which greatly reduces the number of parts, greatly simplifies the structure, and reduces the volume.

Compared with foreign products, Anqing Yonghua Machinery’s automatic window sticking machine equipment adopts fast debugging methods for the small order quantity and rapid change of domestic cartons, so that manufacturers can change the shape of the cartons in a short time. .

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