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Introduce several selection methods of automatic window sticking machine—Anqing Yonghua Machinery

How can I choose a carton window sticking machine with better quality and low price? This is a problem that many users are paying attention to. Next, we will introduce several kinds of carton automatic window sticking machines for us. Method, I hope it helps us!

First, investigate transmission stability. Our requests for carton window sticking machines are usually fast transmission speed and high cutting precision. However, if you blindly pursue high-speed transfer and cutting, when die-cutting paper, the transfer of the next sheet of paper is likely to affect the positioning accuracy and cutting accuracy of the previous sheet. Only by stably conveying the raw materials that need to be die-cut to the designated location, can it be ensured that the die-cut products meet the requirements, otherwise, products that do not meet the standards may be processed.
Second, check the pressure. The main principle of the carton window pasting machine is to apply pressure to the raw materials to be processed. Therefore, the strength and uniformity of the pressure will directly affect the quality of the final product. A good carton window pasting machine can ensure uniform pressure, which can increase the output power of the machine and ensure that the final die-cut products are cut uniformly.

Third, understand the relevant situation of the components. In the selection method of the carton window sticking machine, the most messy thing is to understand the correlation between the various parts of the machine. Although messy, this step is essential. The various parts of a good machine are closely related, and each part and its adjacent parts can be tightly engaged and work smoothly during operation. This provides a prerequisite for the outstanding work of the carton window sticking machine. Therefore, when choosing a carton window pasting machine, it is very necessary to carefully understand the relevant conditions of the components.
The use of window patching equipment not only increases the output power, but also improves the quality. Compared with manual operation, the automatic crimping and cutting corner window sticking machine can complete the uniform brushing and sticking film, and the power is efficient and stable. One machine can complete the operation of 5-6 skilled workers. It is for the application company In other words, the production cost is greatly reduced, and it is also convenient for the company to deal with. The use of mechanized methods can effectively improve the company's technology and brand strength, especially in the face of some customers who need to come to the company for factory inspections. The use of machine glue can make decisions for customers, and it has an obvious effect on advancing the signing of orders.

Window-attached paper boxes are widely used in tissue boxes, toy boxes, clothing packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. Through the window-packed carton, you can see the style and color of the product without opening the carton. This model can print glue and film at a time, speeding up production.

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