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Automatic window patching machine use and maintenance methods and how to deal with failures—Anqing Yonghua Machinery

The main feature of the structure of the automatic window sticking machine is that it can constantly adjust the position of the front and back of the paper, the position of the glue, the position of the film, the adjustment of their three positions is very convenient and fast, and it is very convenient and quick to change the product. 

The main structure of the automatic window sticking machine is: paper feeding part; positioning part; glueing part; film sticking part; paper receiving part. The frame is a full steel plate structure, strong and durable.

The paper feeding part of the automatic window sticking machine adopts a suction-type paper-drawing belt as the bottom paper-drawing. It is equipped with a servo or stepping motor to control the stepping, and the clutch control method is removed to realize continuous paper feeding without stopping, and intermittent belt conveying is adopted. Frequency conversion control, the discharge length can be adjusted according to the length of the paper, multiple conveyor belts are equipped with gears and rack devices, and the left and right positions of the belts can be adjusted.
Before the automatic window patching machine starts to work (shift or stop), the main parts of the machine should be checked, and the machine can be turned on after a full circle of manual turning. The machine should be cleaned every shift, all parts should be kept clean, and the electrical equipment should be kept Clean, prevent oil, water, dust from entering, and pay attention to the wire not to be flattened or broken.

When the machine is temporarily shelved, the unpainted surface on the automatic window machine needs lubricating oil for anti-corrosion protection. When needed, use a wrung out gasoline cloth to remove the oil. Frequently check the fan and vacuum pump. In the case of abnormal pressure line cutting corner window pasting machine, the air filter of the fan should be cleaned in time, and the connections of each interface should be checked for reliable connection.

In the working process, the film feeding scales are staggered, and the feeding scale is more than 5 mm shorter than the pre-adjusted ruler automatic alignment window sticking machine. The window sticking machine has an intermittent operation process that does not feed the film:

(1) The sensitivity of the photoelectric eye is not adjusted strictly or the polarity is incorrectly selected;

(2) When the photoelectric switch seat is leaking or short-circuited between terminals, it should be replaced;

(3) The unwinding speed is lower than the feeding speed. It is necessary to loosen the film pressing strips to check whether the unwinding has performance and troubleshoot.

The torque of the oblique motor is significantly reduced, and the bag size is not accurate, indicating that the stepping drive of the window patching machine is faulty, or the rubber roller of the Anqing Yonghua mechanical window patching machine is connected to the stepping motor to block the phenomenon.
How to deal with the inaccurate length of the photoelectric tracking of the window patcher:

(1) The adjustment method and working status of the photoelectric eye are not accurately selected, and the adjustment should be made accurately according to the requirements of the manual;

(2) The pre-adjusted film feeding length (when adjusting the blank bag) and the actual bag size are too far apart, so you should set the length of the thread or adjust the pressure and adjust the equipment from the beginning;

(3) Excessive film resistance or poor quality of the finished product in the previous process should be checked and replaced.

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