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How to break through the limitations of automatic window sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Window sticking machine is also called carton window sticking machine. It is mainly used to stick the film of the window-opening carton, including several steps such as sticking film, drawing paper, gluing, cutting film, and bonding. It is suitable for all kinds of window-opening gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, sanitary paper boxes, and window-opening corrugated paper boxes.

The automatic window patching machine has green printing equipment, technology, craftsmanship and materials, promoting the environmental protection production of printing enterprises, and promoting the realization of energy-saving and emission-reducing green printing in the entire printing industry, which will become an important goal of the entire industry. In addition, the development of green printing will also help promote the upgrading of printing products, production management and industrial structure, improve the basic quality and awareness of corporate managers and employees, and make the market more positive, reasonable, beneficial, and sustainable The direction of development.
 Window Patching Machine Gluing Line
The automatic window sticking machine can continuously adjust the front and rear positions of the paper, the front and rear positions of the glue, the left and right positions of the film, and the three positions are very convenient and quick, and it is very convenient and quick to change the product. The main structure of the high-speed window sticking machine is composed of five parts: paper feeding part; positioning position; printing glue part; window sticking part; paper receiving part. The frame is a full steel plate structure, strong and durable.

The paper feed position is very important in the entire window pasting machine. Its main advantages are: the bottom of the paper-pumping belt can draw paper, which can continuously add paper without stopping; the intermittent conveying adopts frequency conversion control, and the intermittent conveying length can be adjusted according to the length of the paper; multiple conveyor belts are equipped with gears and rack devices, and the belt pressure can be adjusted. The left and right positions of the corner cutting window pasting machine are the key to the paper feeding part, and the printing glue part is the key.

The continuous increase in market demand has greatly promoted the technological upgrading of the industry. It will gradually replace the traditional packaging mode, making it intelligent and automated as the mainstream in the future. It is an effective way for packaging machinery enterprises to achieve sustainable development, and it is also the goal of its technological transformation.

At present, the domestic packaging machinery industry still has problems such as stand-alone automation, poor automation stability, poor reliability, unsightly appearance, and short life span. It is the domestic packaging equipment that has fallen behind in the competition of imported packaging equipment. Anqing Yonghua Machinery also specially considered the requirements of thick paper processing in its design. The paper feeding mechanism at the bottom of the suction pile is stable and reliable, and paper feeding is not stopped. The fence positioning and folding mechanism is equipped with a suction roller, which is high-speed and stable, and the folding is accurate.
Window Patching Machine Gluing Line
The automatic window sticker machine is a window sticker machine for processing large and medium-sized envelopes. It is one of the important specifications of Anqing Yonghua series window sticker machines. This utility model has high production efficiency, stable performance, easy adjustment and operation, and compact structure. , Take up small space and other advantages.

The packaging machinery is required to have high flexibility and flexibility, and the size of the packaging can be changed within a certain size range. Since the life cycle of the product is much shorter than the life of the equipment, changing the product and packaging can mean replacing the expensive packaging production line. Customer demand is the driving force for market development, and the packaging machinery market is no exception.

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