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What are the characteristics of the future development trend of the automatic window patching machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Automatic window patching machine with high productivity, automation, single function, multifunctional combined production line, multi-station window patching machine adopting new technology, etc., the control technology of window patching machine, more application of computer technology and microelectronic technology, heat pipe and The application of cold sealing technology, in addition, with the development of packaging from a single technology to a combination of processing, and the development of automatic window sticking machines, the field of packaging technology should be expanded to the field of packaging, and packaging integrated packaging equipment should be developed. The future development trend of automatic window sticking machine:

1. High speed and high productivity. Nowadays, as the market structure changes, as a window sticking machine supplier, the first thing is to meet the needs of customers, especially the packaging industry has a short operation cycle and high requirements for equipment, and it is necessary to use equipment that can improve work efficiency.
2. Fully automated production. With the current increase in production costs, the use of high-speed window patching machines can effectively reduce costs, and has a very high quality guarantee, while at the same time improving production efficiency.

3. Multifunctionality and high mobility. In the current market, the development trend of window patching machines is becoming more and more fierce. Realizing one machine with multiple functions is an inevitable development in the future.

4. Possess small batch production capacity. Many window sticking machines are mass produced. It is not cost-effective for small batch production of packaging products. If the manufacturer makes a little improvement in this aspect, then it can press the line to cut corners and stick the window. Promotion and application of machine fast equipment. Automatic crimping and cutting corner window sticking machine

The development trend of automatic window sticking machine has the following characteristics:

1. Circular pressure circular connection die cutting will be a better die cutting method for mass printing and packaging products. Currently used in flexographic printing production line, form printing machine, corrugated paper printing slotting window pasting machine, rotary label printing machine, gravure printing die-cutting production line and other in-line printing and packaging equipment. With the development of printing technology, especially the progress of the processing technology of the round die-cutting cylinder, the use of automatic round die-cutting machine cutting will become more common, and the production compliance of die-cutting will be further improved.

2. With the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, the scope of the company has expanded from time to time. The application market of fully active flat-pressing flat window sticking machine will expand from time to time. In comparison, the market for semi-active die-cutting and creasing machines will further decline. In addition to the low productivity and high rest intensity of the operator, the safety performance is poor, and the problems of accidents and chaos easily occur, which are the reasons for its decline. Important reason. However, because the scope of my country's India's Qingyonghua mechanical brush packaging industry is very different, there will be a certain market for this kind of equipment and equipment, and it will still be promoted. Anqing Yonghua Machinery
3. Traditional self-adhesive brand printing press manufacturer. In recent years, production has entered a difficult period, and production and sales have fallen year by year. The reason is that the production and sales of high-tech products, high-efficiency rotary satellite-type printing presses and flexographic printing presses have increased one by one. The production compliance of printing and continuous circular die-cutting is much higher than that of intermittent printing and intermittent flat compression molds. Cut the outdated production equipment and furnishings.

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