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How to adjust the paper feeding and conveying of the window sticking machine and follow the safety regulations—Anqing Yonghua Machinery

The paper feeding of the window sticking machine is to tidy up the paper products that need to be filmed after die-cutting and indentation, and stack them on the paper feeding table with their feet inclined. The paper stack is separated, and as the paper feeding belt rotates, the paper products enter the paper feeding device after passing between the paper feeding belt and the pressure roller.

Conveying means that after the paper enters the conveying device through the paper feeding belt, the rear end of the paper product is conveyed forward by the automatic paper window sticking machine on the chain. Vacuum conveying to the gluing device. Due to the different paper product specifications after processing, the position of the window is different, and the paper feeding position needs to be adjusted.

If you want to adjust the conveying position of the paper products, you need to push the paper stoppers while pushing the paper stoppers on the two conveyor chains for the filmed paper products, or when the high-speed window sticking machine needs two push paper stoppers in sequence, you can loosen the chain The screw on the wheel, pull the sprocket on the chain, or the high-speed window pasting machine requires two push paper stop gauges to move back and forth, so that the stop gauge is about to be pushed to the appropriate position of the paper jam and then the screw is locked.
The paper feed position adjustment is to select the paper feed belt position according to the shape of the processed paper, loosen the tension wheel of the paper feed belt, and move the paper feed belt to the desired position and fix it. Crimping and cutting corner window pasting machine loosen the star handle on the roller frame, move the pressure paper roller to the frame, align the conveying roller with the pressure paper roller, and then tighten the star handle.

In use, any equipment more or less has some safety problems, and the same is true for window patching machines. To operate safely and effectively, the operator must be familiar with their safety regulations before use.

1. When powering on or running, do not open the door, cover and the outer shell of the electrical components of the automatic wire window sticker, otherwise electric shock may occur.

2. Do not close the main power switch when the power box door is open, and run the window pasting machine, otherwise it may come into contact with the high-voltage terminal and cause an electric shock accident. Do not open the door of the electrical box at will. Except for inspection and regular maintenance, it cannot be opened even when the power supply is disconnected. It is strictly forbidden to place any debris in the electrical box and keep it clean.
3. The maintenance and repair work of Anqing Yonghua Machinery must be completed by professional and technical personnel. During maintenance or regular maintenance, please disconnect the power supply. After 10 minutes, the residual voltage will disappear after checking with a multimeter. Otherwise it will cause an electric shock accident.

4. The automatic window sticking machine must be grounded

5. Cables and wires, please do not damage them, put too much stress on them, so that they can bear heavy objects or clamp them. Otherwise, it may cause electric shock.

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