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How to choose the right equipment for automatic window patching machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The window sticking machine adopts the automatic method, which effectively shortens the stroke of the workpiece and ensures the high-speed and stable operation of the machine. The product quality is high, the efficiency is high, the debugging is convenient, and the adaptability is strong. It is especially suitable for all kinds of high-precision 90-degree carton window sticking machines. equipment. The utility model is mainly used for pasting film on window frames, and is also suitable for opening paper pasting films, such as corrugated milk boxes, cardboard underwear boxes, toys, household textiles and the like.

With the application of automatic window patching machines, the market for semi-automatic flat die machines will further decline. In addition to low production efficiency and strong rest intensity for employees, the main reasons for its decline are poor safety and vulnerability to work-related injuries.
Fully automatic paper extraction, positioning, gluing, film cutting, high-speed gluing, high-speed no glue overflow, no scratches on the film. The design of the mechanism is reasonable, the adjustment is convenient and sensitive, and the length, front and back and orientation of the film can be continuously adjusted. This machine is controlled by PLC computer and programmable controller. It has high precision, no maintenance, and can operate and maintain normally.

The window pasting machine is suitable for crimping and cutting corners of packaging paper products such as wine boxes, gift boxes, napkin boxes, cosmetic boxes, children's toy boxes, and clothing boxes. Cardboard and corrugated paper are common. YH650 is a fully automatic line-cutting and corner-cutting window pasting machine YH650, which is used for die-cutting, (corner-cutting; line pressing) gluing before gluing, and has the functions of pasting and finishing. But while everyone is working hard to improve efficiency, it is more important to pay attention to safe use of electricity and prevent dangerous situations such as electric shock.

In order to display the products in some packaging boxes, a skylight is set inside the box, and a transparent PVC board or film of other materials is pasted on the skylight. In the past, for the pasting of PVC sheets on the skylights or its transparent films, most of them were manually mounted manually, which had the disadvantages of high labor intensity and low efficiency.
In order to improve processing efficiency, an automatic window sticking machine appeared on the market. The main structure of this automatic window sticking machine is: one end of the worktable is connected with a frame, and the cloth rubber roller is attached with a cloth rubber roller. Its shape Same as the edge of the skylight of the corresponding packaging box, there is a rolling roller under the cloth rubber roller of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery, and a glue supply mechanism is provided on the frame.

Compared with manual work, the efficiency is greatly improved. The overall structure of the equipment is simple, the cost is low, and the price is reasonable; it is handy in processing various carton and film specifications. When changing carton or film specifications, the equipment adjustment is simpler, so the work efficiency is more high.

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