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What are the advantages of the window patcher structure? How to judge safety—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

From the structure of the window sticking machine, the advantages of the window sticking machine are briefly introduced.

The feeding part is the most important part of the whole machine. The main advantages are: the bottom of the paper-drawing belt is used to draw paper, and the paper can be fed continuously without stopping; the intermittent belt conveying adopts frequency conversion control, and the length of the intermittent conveying can be adjusted according to the length of the paper; multiple conveying belts are equipped with gears and rack devices, which can be Adjust the left and right position of the belt.
For the paper feeding part, the printing rubber part is the key.

The main functions are: use double high-hardness tube rollers to drive glue for automatic window patching machine water, the tube roller support adopts an eccentric device, which can adjust the thickness of the glue; using flexible stencil printing glue, the shape of the stencil can be carved according to product needs; installation The roller of the stencil is engraved with a reference line, and the installation of the stencil is accurate, convenient and fast; the left and right positions of the printing rubber can be adjusted, and the front and rear positions are adjusted by a positive adjuster, which can adjust the front, back, left, and right positions of the printing rubber without stopping the machine.

The film part adopts a stepless speed regulating device, which can adjust the length of the film without stopping the machine; the length of the film is automatically cut by a roller knife; the zigzag line of the film is automatically pressed out; the opening high-speed window sticking machine (such as facial tissue paper box) that automatically cuts the film; Adopt the suction tube roller to suck and stick the film onto the carton. It can adjust the film's front, back, left, and right positions without stopping the machine.

The structure of the window patcher is also relatively simple, including four aspects: use a flat belt to lay out the drawings, and can continue to paper without stopping the machine. Alignment arrangement and accurate positioning. The gluing method on the runner ensures uniform gluing and can effectively control the amount of glue. The horizontal knife cuts the film, which is stable and reliable. The well-designed fine-tuning equipment is convenient for dispatching.

The application of the window patching machine not only improves the output power, but also increases the quantity of the window patching machine. As far as manual operation is concerned, the window sticking machine equipment can smoothly and evenly brush glue and stick the film, and one machine can complete the operation of 5-6 skilled workers. As far as the operating company is concerned, the production cost is greatly reduced, and it is also convenient for the company to deal with. The selection of mechanized methods can effectively improve the company's technology and brand strength, especially if some customers need to come to the company to observe the factory, the selection of machine filler can give customers a decision, and has a significant effect on advancing bill signing. Window pasting paper boxes are widely used in tissue boxes, toy boxes, clothing boxes, food boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. After the carton decorated with windows, you can see the style and color of the product without opening the carton. This machine can print glue and film at one time to speed up production.

How to judge the safety of the window patching machine.

1. All safety equipment needs to be kept in outstanding condition and useful, and defective parts should be repaired or replaced in time. Before starting the window patcher, check whether the handles, buttons and safety cover are in the reserved position. Pay attention to the other personnel around the automatic window sticking machine Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery should be in full safety.
2. When the window sticking machine is running, it is not allowed to touch paper products and cut objects. As long as the machine is stopped, the automatic window patcher can be sorted out, and perhaps the blockage in the passage can be removed. After debugging, check whether everything or other objects on the machine have been removed, and then jog slowly for a week to prevent accidents.

3. If the window patcher suddenly stops for some reason, please press the "emergency stop" button to lock yourself. After troubleshooting, check the cause and restart the running machine.
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