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What are the preparatory work before using the window patching machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Preparation work before using the window patcher:

1. Making the glue template

According to the size of the paper film window, select a PTFE coated plate with a thickness of 0.5mm from the width of 300mm-720mm respectively, align one edge of the paper to be pasted with the side of the coated plate, and then use the mark Use the pen to draw the window contour line on the gluing plate along the window, take the paper product and draw a gluing position line with a width of 5 mm along the window contour line on the gluing plate with a marker pen. Use 2mm thick double-sided adhesive paper to stick the rubber strip on one side, and paste the rubber strip on the gluing position on the other side. At the same time, to make the rubber strip and the glue plate adhere firmly, you can choose to use adhesive paper to stick around the bottom of the rubber strip. layer.
2. Installation of the cutting knife

Turn the cutter roller to the upper top by manual turning, put the upper blade into the cutter groove of the cutter roller, make the lower end of the blade and the bottom of the cutter groove completely contact, screw the high-speed window pasting machine in order from the middle to the two sides to tighten 18 Set screw of M6×15. When installing the lower blade, insert the blade into the tool holder seat through the through hole of the machine body. Use a wrench to slightly tighten the middle and two screws at both ends. Manually turn the cutter roller to rotate, and wait for the upper blade to turn to the lower and lower blades. Align the knife edges to stop the turning, use a wrench to adjust the 19 M8×110 screws one by one to control the gap between the upper blade and the lower blade between 0.03-0.05mm, and then tighten the 18 M10×95 threaded corner cutting machine nails to make Press the pressure plate to press the lower knife, and then tighten the M8 nut.

3. Preparation of film and glue

Polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) are the majority of the films pasted to the window. The width of the film roll is generally about 15-20mm wider than the window. The entire roll of film that has been opened according to the width of the window on the paper product is installed on the material rack device at the end of the main machine. The length of the film is generally 30mm longer than the length of the window.
Window-opening carton packaging is one of the packaging methods that are often used in daily production of automatic aligning window sticking machines. The size of the window is slightly different due to product differences. It can pack goods and make them more attractive. It is possible to know the whole picture through the part, effectively protect the product from external damage, etc., which helps to ensure the integrity of the product.

The so-called "windowing" is the use of die-cutting indentation to roll out the void at the pre-designed position of the carton. During processing, the edge of the window should be smooth and clean, and the knife interface should be arranged in a reasonable manner. The position of the knife edge should not affect the mechanical effect of the window opening. Consider the strength of the carton after opening the window and the convenience of cleaning during processing. The opening of the window and the folding line or the edge of the box There should be enough distance.

The birth process of a carton requires so many process steps, and each step requires corresponding printing machinery and equipment. Take the most widely used window patching machine as an example. It is through continuous improvement and upgrading in research and development to further improve work efficiency. Now the carton window patching has been fully mechanized, and there is no need to stop and wait, and the efficiency is greatly improved.

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