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The effect of adhesive on window patching machine and the problems that need to be paid attention to in the operation process—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The window sticking process of the window sticking machine is mainly used in the packaging of paper boxes, gift boxes, window-sticking envelopes, etc., to make the goods visible in the packaging; the contact between the printed matter and the plastic film is entirely dependent on the effect of the adhesive, so The performance of the adhesive has a crucial influence on the quality of the finished product after printing;

1. The mixing ratio of binder and thinning water. Must be deployed strictly in accordance with the requirements of the film and adhesive, otherwise the automatic window sticking machine will cause weak bonding.

2. The viscosity of the adhesive. If the viscosity of the adhesive is too high, it will reduce its flowability and wettability, and make the adhesive coating uneven, which will cause the coating layer to bloom and cause degumming after film coating. On the contrary, if the viscosity of the adhesive is too thin, the solvent in the adhesive cannot be fully volatilized during drying, which reduces the solid content of the adhesive. At this time, it is easy to cause the film to be weak and peel off. High-speed window patching machine
3. The coating thickness of the adhesive. If the coating amount of the adhesive is too small and the thickness is too thin, the adhesive force will be insufficient and the film will fall off easily. However, if the coating layer is too thick, the effect is even worse: the solvent volatilization in the adhesive slows down, and the product is prone to foaming after being placed; due to the moisture content of the paper, the paper fiber shrinks and wrinkles at the window The rubber ring is extruded at the window sticking machine process. These will have a fatal damage to the quality of the film.

For people in the printing industry, the term post-press is not unfamiliar. It refers to the post-printing work, generally refers to the post-processing of printed matter, including glue (laminating), UV, oil, hot stamping, mounting, and binding. , Cutting, filming, etc., are mostly used for publicity and packaging printed matter.

What are the questions that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the automatic window patching machine?

1. Degumming and staining: If there is too much glue, the automatic aligning window pasting machine will fly the glue and then stain, and the glue will be degummed. This is divided into two aspects: the nature and concentration of the glue, the wear of the glue wheel and the rubber scraper or Clean the balance gap between the water wheel and the rubber wheel, which is caused by the wear of the bearing or shaft head.
2. Feida paper output: In this scene, double or multiple papers are output. This question is mostly caused by the lack of blowing pressure and flow due to the wear of the vacuum plate.

3. Fitting accuracy: This point is also related to the paper itself, Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery, but the primary question of the automatic window sticking machine is still the mechanical structure question. New machine or repair, a period of time will appear to be abnormal fitting precision . This question mainly includes the following A: The chain is worn (stretched). B: The wear (refers to the base of the chain). C: The automatic sprocket is worn.

4. Corrugated paper output: In this scene, the paper output tape is thinned, the friction is reduced, the high pressure blower is not strong, and so on.

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