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Automatic window patching machine enters the era of intelligent manufacturing—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery


The abnormal stop time of the production line of the window patching machine produces a lot of waste products, and will cause a decrease in production power, which will increase production costs. According to the five elements of man, machine, material, law, and ring, the primary cause of the tile line shutdown should be found, and then deal with them one by one. In detail, in order to reduce the production cost, it is necessary to ensure a reasonable production schedule, and try to organize the production of cartons of the same quality level with different customer needs. In order to reduce the production cost more effectively, it is necessary to consider factors such as the size of the automatic window patching machine of the carton, so as to minimize the waste generated by the cardboard line. In addition, special calculations must be made on the area of the cardboard to optimize the processing area of the cardboard and reduce unnecessary waste of materials. When the corrugator is scheduled, it is necessary to follow the same paper quality and the same width of the base paper, and the width from wide to narrow, so as to reduce the number of paper changes and order changes.

To reduce the downtime rate, it is necessary to do a good job in the protection and maintenance of the tile line equipment, give full play to the functions of the equipment, and increase the output power is a useful way to reduce the cost of producing high-speed window patching machines in disguise. The maintenance is carried out by the operator, and the equipment and management personnel are supervised, especially the bearings of the mechanical equipment are smooth, to ensure that the equipment works well. The secondary protection is completed by the equipment protection personnel, with the help of the operator. Firstly pay attention to the running, emitting, leaking of equipment steam and the adjustment of equipment condition. Refurbishment, the equipment department draws up a detailed overhaul plan and implements it according to the questions presented by the equipment operation. In the meantime, the maintenance of equipment is very important and the investment cost is less, but it is a better method of crimping and cutting corners.

Using the production line production management system of the window patching machine to control the production cost, the production power of the tile line can be calculated more accurately, and the speed of the entire production line can be synchronized, which can effectively reduce waste. Selecting an active splicer for splicing paper will greatly reduce the waste of the base paper, and can increase the speed of the car and increase the output power. If it is out of cost considerations, at least an active paper splicer must be installed before the plywood process. What needs attention is the selection of the production management system. Since the company has a lot of products for the production management of automatic line-to-line window stickers, how to choose, the main point is not only the price comparison, but how to accurately achieve the purpose of material saving. Especially the accuracy of paper change.

Window patching machine manufacturers talk about the future of packaging machinery industry entering the era of intelligence. In the future, in recent years, the numerical control of equipment has become an important development trend. Industrial developed countries such as the United States, Japan, Germany and other industrialized countries attach great importance to the development of high-end packaging technology equipment, and emphasize Using CNC technology to transform and improve the traditional packaging equipment manufacturing industry. It can be predicted that Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery will see in the future that the pharmaceutical, food and packaging machinery professions will enter the intelligent age from the CNC era.
The numerical control skill of the window patching machine is the skill of using digital information technology to control the work experience and mechanical movement. The numerical control equipment is a typical embodiment of the deep integration of information skills and mechanical skills. my country's packaging equipment manufacturing industry has been developed for more than ten years, and high-end CNC The share of equipment in the domestic market has continued to increase, and a strong innovative ability has been formed, which has laid a solid foundation for the further promotion of equipment numerical control.

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