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Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery|What are the precautions when operating the window patcher?

The window sticking machine is mainly used to stick the film on the window-opening carton, which is used in many packaging industries. The main feature of the window sticking machine is accurate positioning, stable and reliable. Many gift boxes, tissue boxes, etc. in our lives need to go through the window sticking machine, so what are the precautions when we operate the window sticking machine?

1. Before starting the window patching machine, check whether the handles, buttons and safety shields are in the predetermined positions. Note that other people around the machine's automatic window patching machine should be in a safe position;
2. When the machine is running, it is not allowed to touch the running paper, cutting materials, etc., only after the machine is stopped, can the machine be cleaned or the channel blockages can be removed;

3. After the machine is debugged, check that all tools or other objects have been removed from the machine, and then jog the machine slowly for a week to avoid accidents;

4. All safety devices of the window patcher keep the high-speed window patcher intact and effective, and repair or replace the faulty parts in time;

5. If the machine stops suddenly for some reason, please press the "emergency stop" button to lock the window mounter. Check the cause, and restart the machine after troubleshooting.

6. Before restarting the machine, check the moving parts of the machine (rollers, shafts) carefully, remove waste paper, debris, etc. from these parts, and confirm the reliability of the fixed position of the crimping and cutting corner window pasting machine. Note that other people around the machine should be in a safe place.

Window sticking machine is also called carton window sticking machine, flat belt paper drawing mechanism, can feed paper without stopping; leveling mechanism, accurate positioning. We know that the window sticking machine is mainly used to stick the film on the window box, so which paper products are mainly suitable for the sticking film?
The window pasting machine is suitable for pasting packaging paper products with windows such as mobile phone boxes, wine boxes, napkin boxes, children's toy boxes, clothing boxes, milk boxes, and HE automatic line window pasting machine cards. The whole machine adopts programmable controller, man-machine interface, photoelectric tracking, and centralized control to complete the automatic feeding, feeding, window gluing (or flat part gluing) of the die-cut paper products in the box gluing line. , Part of paper mounting), diaphragm cutting, filming, paper delivery and other processes.

In particular, it also has the function of filming on double-sided and three-sided windows (cutting and indenting the film, avoiding wrinkles when folding the box). The paper feeding part is controlled by a servo system, with accurate inch movement, completes high-speed paper feeding, ensuring high-speed and stable working conditions and higher running accuracy. The machine automatically draws paper, locates, applies glue, cuts film (film), glues, high speed, no glue overflow, and film (film) has no traces of scratches. The mechanical structure design is reasonable, the conditioning is very convenient and sensitive, and the length, front and back, left and right positions of the film (film) can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

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