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How does the window pasting machine feed paper? How to check safety—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The automatic window sticking machine is mainly used for a machine that completes the film sticking work of various packaging cartons, and a flat belt paper-drawing mechanism, which can feed paper without stopping. So how does the window sticking machine realize the paper feeding operation?

After finishing the paper products that need to be filmed after die-cutting and indentation, use the paper feeding belt to stack them on the paper feeding table obliquely. The lower paper belt is pulled out and separated from the paper stack by the feeding belt during paper transfer With the rotation of the paper feeding belt, the paper products enter the paper feeding device after passing between the paper feeding belt and the pressure roller.
After the fed paper product enters the conveying device through the paper feeding belt, the paper product is transported forward by the rear end of the paper product by the paper pusher on the chain, and is sent to the upper along the upper and lower guide rails and the guide devices of the left and right guide rails at the set distance. Vacuum conveyor belt for glue device. Due to the different paper product specifications after processing, the position of the window is different, and the paper feeding position needs to be adjusted. According to the shape of the processed paper, select the position of the paper feeding belt, put in the tension wheel of the paper belt, move the paper feeding position into the high-speed window paper, and put the paper in the desired position and fix it. Loosen the star handle on the roller frame, move the pressure roller to the frame, align the conveying roller with the pressure roller, and then tighten the star handle.

Adjusting the paper conveying position. When the filmed paper products are pushed by the paper pusher on the two conveyor chains at the same time, or when the two paper pushers need to be in sequence, loosen the screw on the sprocket and pull the chain by hand. The sprocket, which is in the empty sleeve, rotates idly on the driving shaft, and can drive the paper pushing block gauge on the chain to move back and forth, so that the block pressure line cutting corner window sticking machine gauge is about to be pushed to the proper position of the paper jam and then the screw is locked.
Window-mounted paper boxes are widely used in tissue boxes, toy boxes, clothing packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc. After finishing the window decoration at one time, you can see the style and color of the product without opening the carton. This machine can finish gluing and filming at one time, speeding up production. So how to judge the safety of the window patching machine?

1. Before restarting the automatic window sticking machine, carefully check the moving parts (rollers, shafts) of the machine, take out the waste paper, sundries, etc. from these places, and determine whether the orientation is reliable. Note that other people around the machine should be in a safe place. Prevent unlicensed personnel from engaging in activities.

2. Assuming that the window sticking machine stops for some reason, please press the "emergency stop" button to self-lock. Check the reason, and restart the operation after the defects are cleared.

3. When the window sticking machine is working, it is not allowed to touch the work paper, cut material, etc., as long as the machine is stopped, Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery can clean up the automatic window sticking machine or clean the channel blockage. After debugging, check that all things or other objects have been removed from the machine, and then jog the machine slowly for one week to avoid accidents.

4. All safety equipment must be fully useful, repair or replace defective parts in time, and check whether the handles, buttons, and safety covers are in the predetermined positions before starting the window machine. Note that people around the automatic window patcher should be in a safe place.

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