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Window patching machine application fields are widely found advantages from the structure—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The window pasting machine is also called the paper box window pasting machine, which is mainly used for various window-opening gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, and window-opening corrugated paper boxes. The usual operation process includes several processes such as film sticking, paper pulling, gluing, film cutting, and bonding. The biggest use is to assist in filming various window-opening gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, tissue boxes, and window corrugated boxes! The effect is not bad.

With the continuous development of shopping mall economy, the variety of goods continues to increase, and the demand for window patching machines is promoted. The production technology and production technology of automatic window patching machines are also continuously upgraded, and strive to achieve the highest level of performance and quality of window patching machines. In order to meet the needs of some manufacturing companies, various shopping malls will develop window patching machines. The development of packaging is the most awesome for companies that produce services.
Faced with so many processes of paper products, it can be competent, and its function can be described as very powerful. For all kinds of packaging gift boxes, cosmetic gift boxes, tissue gift boxes, etc., the film high-speed window sticking machine attached to it is very neat and very convenient to use, because It is a kind of equipment with a certain amount of intelligence, so it can position itself and position accurately, so that each processed product is beautiful and meets the production requirements of the product.

When we buy goods, we always want to see whether the products in the package are satisfactory. Therefore, transparent windows are commonly used in sealed packaging. It is quite time-consuming to make transparent windows manually. The display of the window is mechanically displayed.

When we buy a product, it is inevitable to consider whether the product in the package is what we want. Therefore, transparent windows are widely used in sealing packaging, and it is quite time-consuming to make transparent windows manually. The emergence of window-sticking machinery has solved this problem.

High-efficiency crimping and cutting corner window pasting machine, high precision, high volatility and simple operation, are the advantages of gaining a superior market. The frame of the automatic window pasting machine is made of 30 mm steel plate of Shougang, after heat treatment, processed by CNC machine tools. , When the machine is running, it fluctuates greatly. Compared with ordinary machines, it has better sturdiness and is not easy to fall apart.
The servo motor enabled by the fully automatic line window patching machine can paste a variety of products, and can even be used for non-woven fabrics and hot stamping paper stickers. Due to its excellent working effect, it is generally used for gift boxes, toy boxes, tissue boxes, underwear and shirts. Window film for boxes, etc.

The paper tape is the most important paper feeding part of all machines. The secondary advantage of the window sticking machine is: the paper-pumping belt stops the bottom of the paper, and the machine can continue to add paper; the continuous belt conveying adopts frequency conversion control, and the continuous conveying length can be adjusted according to the length of the paper; multiple conveying belts are equipped with gears and rack.

The second is: the use of high hardness tube roller to drive glue, the tube roller support adopts straight installation, adjust the thickness of the glue; the use of flexible stencil printing glue, the shape of the stencil can be customized according to the needs of the product requirements; the roller of the device stencil is engraved with a reference line , The thickness of the rubber material can be adjusted; flexible stencil printing rubber is used, and the shape of the stencil can be determined according to needs; adjustments can be made according to requirements; the front and back states of the glue can be adjusted.

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