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Control and adjustment of automatic window sticking machine—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

Control and adjustment of the air volume of the film cutting roll and film roll of the automatic window sticking machine.

There are three handles on each of the inhalation air distributor and the blowing air distributor as switches for adjusting the air volume. When the valve core is in a horizontal state, the valve core at the handle is in a horizontal state, which is a closed state, and the air volume is the largest.

The orientation adjustment of the paper window on the diaphragm and the conveying flat belt.
When sent to the filming station, if the film and the paper automatic filming window are misaligned back and forth, stop working, press and hold the adjustment button on the center button panel, then release the handle outside the operating wall, and then press the film and paper The orientation of the product is rolled counterclockwise, so that the handwheel of the paper product and the orientation of the paper product are rolled counterclockwise to make the paper product's normal film orientation, and then rotate clockwise to keep the position of the paper product unchanged.

Adjustment of paper output collecting position

The paper products that are sent to the window by the transport flat belt are sent out and placed on the flat belt of the delivery table. Because the crank-link mechanism makes the delivery conveyor flat belt move in one direction intermittently, the paper products are completed under the weight of the nylon wheel. Stacking and collection of paper products.

Put the machine in working condition, the rotary crimping and cutting corner window pasting machine is located at the adjusting screw at the tail of the delivery table, the moving belt is forced to move back and forth on the drum, so that the flat belt is tightly tight and does not deviate during transmission.

Loosen the locking handle, and roll the adjustment handle counterclockwise to keep the conveying flat belt and the film conveying roller at a distance of the thickness of a sheet of jammed paper.

At present, the development bottleneck of the domestic window patching machine industry has appeared, and the market size is difficult to break through. However, there are many automatic wire patching machine requirements in the high-end market of window patching machines, but they have not been met. The policy on packaging machinery was promulgated, and it was found that there is still a large market for window patching machines, and the high-end window patching machines are underdeveloped at this stage. However, the global economy is currently in a downturn, and my country's window patching machines should seize the opportunity to improve the problems of high-end window patching machines.
At present, the development speed of my country's packaging machinery can no longer be compared with the past, but there is still growth. The development law of Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery is like this, and it will slow down after a certain period of time. Nowadays, the improvement of quality requirements also indicates that it is a trend for window sticking machines to take the high-end route. In addition, the automatic window sticking machine has the following technical characteristics: a new type of electric heating stick, fast heating, long life; another electric control method, complete functions, simple operation; optional automatic tape feeding device.

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