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Solutions to common problems of automatic window sticking machine window sticking film—Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery

The automatic window sticking machine has three handles on each of the air intake and air distribution block, namely the air volume adjustment switch. When the manual spool is closed in the horizontal state, the spool at the handle of the automatic window sticking machine is in the vertical state. The air volume is the largest, and the position of the paper product window on the diaphragm and the conveying flat belt is adjusted.

Keep the machine in operation, rotate the adjusting screw at the back of the cardboard, and drive the belt driven roller to move back and forth, so that the flat belt is tightly tight, and the automatic window machine does not run off when it is driven. Loosen the lock handle to make the conveying flat belt passive. Loosen the ground, and the automatic window sticking machine will not run off when driving. Loosen the lock handle and turn the adjustment handle counterclockwise to keep the conveying flat belt and the film conveying roller at the thickness of a sheet of jammed paper.
The paper products that have completed the window filming of the automatic window sticking machine are sent out by the conveyor belt and fall on the flat belt of the delivery table. Due to the crank-link mechanism, the delivery conveyor belt moves intermittently in one direction. The weight of the paper products is on the nylon wheel. The accumulation and collection of paper products are completed under the action. Move the connecting plate along the axial direction, so that the two nylon high-speed window sticking machine rollers are located at the gluing position on the two sides of the window, and the adjusting screw at the end of the wall plate is rotated. Rotate the adjustment screw clockwise, adjust the paper delivery stand, the height and front and back positions of the delivery stand, rotate the adjustment screw clockwise, the delivery stand will be raised, close to the conveying flat belt, and the delivery stand will be adjusted to hold The paper product falls correctly to the middle of the previous paper product without leaning against the already pasted diaphragm on the previous paper product.

Send the paper to the filming station. If the film is misaligned with the film window front and back, stop the machine, press and hold the adjustment button of the middle button board, and then release the handle on the outside of the operating wall, and according to the position of the film and the paper product Turn the adjustment hand wheel counterclockwise to make the paper arrive at the filming position in advance.

The belt is an indispensable part of the window patching machine. It is inevitable that the belt will slip during the pasting process. So how to deal with the problem of belt slippage?

In operation, the factors of belt slippage of the window patching machine are various. The common factors and treatment methods are as follows:

1. The friction between the drive roller and the belt cannot constitute slippage. The undesirable factors are mostly water or humid environment. The solution is to add some rosin powder on the drum. But be careful not to throw in by hand, but use blower equipment to blow in to avoid accidents.

2. Too fast starting speed can also constitute skidding. Can be started slowly at this moment. If you use a motor, you can jog the Anhui Hongyonghua Machinery twice and then start it again, which can also effectively overcome the slippage.
3. The initial tension is too small. The tension leaving the drum does not constitute slippage. This kind of situation usually occurs when starting, the way to deal with it is to adjust the tensioning equipment to increase the initial tension.

4. If the load is too large, the motor will slip if it surpasses the motor. The positive side of slip at this moment is the maintenance effect on the motor. Otherwise, the motor will be burned after a long time. But in terms of operation, it is a slip accident.

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